Startup of the Week: Reef.Global

  • Reef.Global was founded in 2019 by James Coughlan.
  • The startup’s app connects businesses with hospitality venues for their employees to work in.
  • The company is seeking a £350,000 investment to help with the roll out of its third workspace programme.





Our Startup of the Week for this week is Reef.Global! Helping to meet the demand for cost-effective workspaces as businesses start to emerge from an unprecedented period of remote working. 

Although working from home is no longer a part of the Government’s new COVID-19 guidance, reports show that most professionals don’t want a return to the pre-pandemic working environment – one study in particular revealing 97% of employees would not want a full-time return to the office, while 86% of the largest UK employers now look to create a hybrid working model.

Reef.Global’s new Third Workspace App, launching this September, helps to connect businesses with cafes, pubs, and other hospitality venues around the world where their employees will be able to work from. Through this app, low cost third workspace provisions will become easily accessible to employers, helping them meet employees’ preferences for a more flexible return to the office. 

The Third Workspace App won’t just be beneficial to employers and their workforces but will also bring hospitality venues additional revenue. The hospitality venues on Reef.Global’s app get to control the spaces that they offer, and the times it is offered, meaning they only give away what they’re comfortable with.




The app itself is easy for teams to use, with employees able to explore 100s of available workspaces/venues from across the UK and overseas (it already has venues in Europe and America). Users will also benefit from discounts on food and drink from the chosen venues. 

Businesses will be able to view their users’ activity, bookings and more via the app’s main dashboard. Teams will also be able to book workspaces both for themselves and their colleagues, with support available 24/7, networking events hosted at Reef venues regularly, and a number of perks and discounts for users to take advantage of. 

Reef Global offers three plans for its new platform, a Fremium, a Standard (30 days) and a Standard (Annual):


Plan:Price:What's Included:
Freemium£0 per month3 bookings per user, networking events, access to Reef Discord.
Standard (30 days)£8.99 per user per monthUnlimited bookings, exclusive networking, access to Reef Discord, perks, discounts, chat features & Digital Reef card.
Standard (Annual)£6.99 per user per monthUnlimited bookings, exclusive networking, access to Reef Discord, perks, discounts, chat features & Digital Reef card.


Reef.Global are currently seeking a £350,000 investment to help further the roll out of their third workspace programme, wanting to develop customer acquisition and grow their team.

With the launch of its new app imminent and remote working here to stay, Reef.Global’s Third Workspace App is one to watch for this year.