Startup Of The Week: Smol

  • Smol is an eco-company offering innovative, concentrated cleaning products designed to reduce environmental impact.
  • It seeks to solve the issue of excessive use of single-use plastics and harmful chemicals in cleaning products, encouraging people to live more sustainably.
  • Key products include laundry capsules, dishwasher tablets, multi-purpose sprays, fabric conditioners, and washing-up liquid, all sustainably packaged and delivered directly to consumers through their letterboxes.






What is Smol?


Smol is shifting how consumers approach household cleaning, combining convenience with sustainability.

By delivering high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products directly to customers’ doors, Smol is challenging the traditional cleaning product industry.

The company’s products are not only designed to be effective but also to minimise environmental impact, promoting a model where small changes can lead to significant environmental benefits. Their unique products, which include dissolvable cleaning tablets with reusable bottles and laundry pods with bio-friendly and low-temperature activation, make eco-friendly home habits more attainable.


What Makes Smol Unique?


Smol is committed to reducing environmental impact through innovative cleaning product design and delivery.

Its concentrated formulations mean that products are smaller, lighter, and require less packaging, reducing carbon footprints. Smol’s refill systems and Rinse & Return schemes also encourage a circular economy, cutting carbon emissions and combating the use of single-use plastics in the cleaning industry.

By encouraging consumers to participate in sustainable practices, such as opting for cooler wash cycles and using less product, Smol not only offers eco-friendly cleaning products but also educates and empowers its community to make environmentally conscious decisions.



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Is there a market for eco-friendly cleaning products?


The demand for eco-friendly cleaning products has grown significantly in recent years, driven by increasing awareness of environmental issues and consumer desires for sustainable living.

Smol’s success is a testament to the growing move away from single-use plastics and the chemical-heavy products that dominate the cleaning industry. With over 1.5 million tonnes of single-use plastic saved and a significant reduction in chemicals and carbon emissions, Smol’s impact shows a clear consumer preference for products that are kind to the planet.

This environmental awareness, combined with the desire for effective and convenient cleaning solutions, makes the sector ripe for growth, with Smol leading the charge towards a more sustainable future.


What sets Smol apart from its competitors?


Smol sets itself apart through a combination of effectiveness, sustainability, convenience and affordability.

Unlike many eco-brands that compromise on performance or price, Smol delivers high-quality, concentrated cleaning products that perform as well or better than traditional alternatives without the premium price tag…and all delivered straight to your door!

Its innovative approach to packaging, with refillable and sustainable options, alongside a unique delivery model, further sets Smol apart in the crowded market of cleaning products.


What products does Smol have?

Smol’s products include:

  • Laundry capsules with a concerntrated formula that works on cooler wash cycles
  • Dishwasher tablets that include salt, rinse aid & glass protector – all within plastic free packaging
  • Multi purpose spray with dissolvable tablets and a reusable bottle, reducing single use plastic waste
  • Fabric conditioner which is animal-fat-free and sustainable packaged
  • Washing up liquid which is biodegradable with a grease-busting formula in a sustainable package


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