Startup of the Week: Snag Tights


Selling tights for all different shapes and sizes, our Startup of the Week for this week is Snag Tights!

The fashion industry is notorious for its exclusivity, catering largely to certain body types with tights being an exemplary product of this – sizes measured by height rather than width or body shape. This has resulted in a number of people unable to find tights that properly fit.

Recognising this issue and wanting to do something about it, Snag Tights was born with inclusivity at its heart. The body-positive startup sells tights with sizes based on customers’ body shapes and dress size as well as their height. These inclusive tights also come in a range of different styles, patterns and colours.

Snag was founded in 2018 by Bridgette Read, a graduate in psychology and computer science, and the former owner of a specialist Facebook marketing agency that worked with the likes of Hush and Ralph Lauren.



Read has been able to create a size-inclusive, body-positive brand, reflected not only in the products she offers, but also through her marketing and models.

Rather than hiring models, Snag Tights instead uses its customers for its advertising, with their own personal testimonials often used as inspiration.

Snag state that their brand is “for everyone. Every size, every shape, every race, every gender. We think every person is fabulous and beautiful just the way they are.”

Last year Snag turned over £14 million, with next year forecast to rise to £40 million. The startup is both female founded and led, with 75% of their management team being women (including their CEO).

The startup also hold a passionate focus on sustainability, with tights being vegan-friendly and no plastic packaging used.

Snag are also working on fully bio-degradable tights, which if they succeed will be the world’s first of this product.