Startup of the Week: StreetDots

  • StreetDots was founded by Atholl Milton and Darren Callcott.
  • The company connect streetvending businesses with land owners and operators, helping to increasing revenue and footfall for both.
  • So far, StreetDots have raised £850k over 3 funding rounds.


Self-proclaimed as “the number one platform for outdoor streetvending”, our Startup of the Week for this week is StreetDots! Helping to bring life to dormant land, increase revenue for land partners, all while making it easier than ever for vendors to reach customers.

StreetDots’ founders, Atholl Milton and Darren Callcott, met in 2014, Atholl calling on Darren for his design talents when building up a food truck business – later known as BunnyChow.

When starting up BunnyChow, the founders soon realised how challenging it was to find decent areas to set up for the day. Upon this realisation, both Atholl and Darren created a win-win situation that both real estate and food vendors, such as BunnyChow was, to benefit from.



This idea later turned into StreetDots, helping mobile businesses (2,500+ to be more exact) access street trading locations while generating additional revenue and footfall for land owners and operators. Land partners simply share the land they’re willing to offer to mobile businesses, which StreetDots then divides into, as its name suggests, bookable “dots”. The startup currently work with WeWork, offering vegan lunch options.

StreetDots does not cost anything, and helps to breathe life into what were once dormant spaces, creating areas that local communities can engage with, while helping business to grow both for mobile vendors and land owners.

So far, StreetDots have raised a total of £850k over the course of 3 funding rounds. The company have big plans for future growth, wanting to launch internationally and become a global brand.