Startup of the Week: The Mindfulness App


Our startup for this week is The Mindfulness App! Helping users to practice mindfulness from anywhere in the world with its range of different meditative sessions.

Given the current COVID-19 climate, we felt it only apt that our startup for this week was one that could help keep users both occupied and relaxed whilst practising social distancing (for more guides and insights, visit our COVID19 Resource Hub).

Whether you’re wanting either a guided or silent session, The Mindfulness App offers a variety of different options for users to choose from. The app also has daily reminders and statistics to help you stay grounded and mindful throughout the day.

The Mindfullness app was started by Martin Wikfalk. The founder came up with the idea when teaching Mindfulness courses.

Wikfalk noticed that participants were struggling to keep up with the daily mindfulness practices included as part of the course. After making suggestions to do them after waking up, before eating, or just before bed, all of which were unsuccessful, Wikfalk, with the help of a Swedish cartoon, found a solution.



The Swedish cartoon was Bamse,  Wikfalk finding inspiration in the wise tortoise character Shellman. Shellman had a food-and-sleep-clock, which, as the name suggests, told the character exactly when to eat and sleep. From this, Wikfalk created a similar clock, however exclusively for Mindfulness.

Whilst The Mindfulness App offers an impressive range of meditations with some world-renowned teachers, it also has a reminder, helping people to practice their Mindfulness exercises. The app has over 50,000 monthly downloads, and has millions of users from more than 130 different countries. When starting up, the app will offer a five day introduction and guided practice into mindfulness.

Users can then personalise their experience with the app, introducing meditation reminders and mindful notices to go off throughout the day. The app will also offer statistics to help you keep track of your meditation, and the journey you take with the app.

The app has two Premium Subscriptions to choose from: available for either one month or 12 months – the 12 month subscription offering a 7-day free trial.