Startup Of The Week: Win-Win

  • Win-Win is an ethical and sustainable chocolate company, that creates cocoa-free chocolate.
  • By creating a product that doesn’t use cocoa, Win-Win can avoid further deforestation, ensure no child labour is involved in creating their chocolate and reduce excessive water use – all impacts that are involved in traditional cocoa farming.
  • Their key products include cocoa-free dark, milk, and vegan milk chocolate.






What is Win-Win?


Win-Win is taking the chocolate industry by storm, offering a new alternative to cocoa-based chocolate.

Founded in 2020 by Ahrum Pak and Dr. Johnny Drain, Win-Win is on a mission to address the ethical and environmental issues that affect traditional chocolate farming and production.

Using science and innovation, Win-Win transforms sustainable ingredients like carob & barley, into cocoa-free chocolate that rivals the taste and texture of regular chocolate. This allows them to create a product with all the taste benefits of chocolate, but without the ethical and sustainable issues that surround cocoa farming.

This makes Win-Win a leader in ethical, sustainable, and delicious chocolate.


What Makes Win-Win Unique?


Win-Win’s uniqueness lies in its commitment to creating chocolate that is 100% ethical, sustainable, and delicious. Additionally, their creation of chocolate without cocoa is a novel concept, unexplored by other companies.

Unlike traditional chocolate production, which often involves deforestation, child labour, and high water usage, Win-Win’s cocoa-free chocolate uses 90% less water and generates 80% less C02 emissions. By using local and sustainable ingredients, Win-Win avoids the environmental and human issues that are usually connected to cocoa farming.

The company’s dedication to ethical production is clear in all areas of its business. In the Ivory Coast and Ghana, 1 million children work in cocoa farms, and 80% of the rainforest has been destroyed to create cocoa farms since 1990. Win-Win’s approach not only removes these impacts but also produces chocolate that snaps, tastes, and melts just like traditional chocolate.

Their products range from dark and milk chocolate to vegan milk chocolate, catering to a huge audience of chocolate lovers.



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Is There A Market For Ethical Chocolate?


The market for ethical chocolate is growing as consumers become more conscious of the impacts of their food choices.

The global chocolate market, valued at a huge $130 billion in 2020, is seeing a shift towards sustainable and ethical products. As consumers become more aware of the industry and look for alternatives that align with their values, the chocolate industry is ripe for change.

Win-Win places itself at the intersection of taste and ethics with their non cocoa alternative. By using 90% less water and generating 80% less CO2 compared to conventional chocolate, these statistics highlight the benefits of their product over traditional brands.

By creating chocolate that is more ethical and sustainable, Win-Win has solidified themselves as a key player in the future of chocolate.


Where Can You Find Win-Win?


Discover the ethical world of Win-Win chocolate by visiting their website here: