Startup Of The Week: Worthy

  • Worthy is a consumer-to-business jewellery buying startup that specialises in getting the best price for jewellery, through expert guidance, technology, and a professional buyer network.
  • It solves the problem of selling jewellery securely and for the highest price through its online auction platform.
  • Key services include professional cleaning, grading, photography, a personal auction manager, and access to over 1,000 professional buyers.





What is Worthy?


Worthy is an online auction platform designed to help consumer sell their jewellery, including diamonds, rings, watches, necklaces, and bracelets, at the best possible price.

It uses technology and expertise to prepare items for auction, ensuring every part of the selling process is handled from the initial appraisal to the final sale. This includes shipping the items to Worthy’s facility, photography and polishing. The item is then listed for sale in an online auction, attracting bids from a network of over 1,000 professional buyers worldwide.

This ensures sellers receive the maximum value for their valuables, with Worthy only taking a commission once the item is sold. Worthy’s transparent process and easy-to-use platform makes it the perfect company for anyone looking to sell high-value jewellery items with ease and confidence.


What Makes Worthy Unique?


Worthy stands out for its commitment to the seller’s success, operating on a fee structure that is based around the final sale price. This means that the platform is incentivised to get the highest price possible for each individual seller.

Additionally, it provides personal auction managers to each person, allowing them to feel supported throughout the process.

Most importantly, their network of 1,000 buyers means that each seller can be sure they are getting the best possible price for their piece.  This network drives up bids through competition, ensuring sellers get the highest possible offers. The preparation process, including professional cleaning and third-party grading, makes sure each item is presented in the best light, attracting more interest and higher bids.



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Is There A Market For Online Jewellery Auctions?


The online jewellery auction market is growing, especially as consumers become more used to buying and selling high-value items online.

Worthy fills the need for a trustworthy and efficient platform that can provide sellers and buyers with peace of mind. With a network of over 1,000 professional buyers and a service that covers everything from professional cleaning and grading to secure, insured shipping, Worthy taps into consumers’ demand for high-quality, reliable online jewellery sellers.


What sets Worthy apart from its competitors?


Worthy stands out for its large buyer network, personalised service, and performance-based fee structure. Its approach means that sellers are supported throughout the process and benefit from the competitive bidding through a large, global pool of buyers. The preparation of each item for auction, combined with the platform’s transparency and security, sets Worthy apart from other online auction services.


Where can you find Worthy?


Find worthy at


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