Startup Of The Week: Yoto

  • Yoto is on a mission to help children cut down on screen time, while still giving them educational content.
  • The company uses physical smartcards to help children learn about new topics through a screen-less device.
  • The key products include the Yoto Player, The Yoto Mini and a whole range of Yoto Content.




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What is Yoto?


Yoto is a company that is helping children cut down on screen time with their screen-free audio devices.

Founded by Ben Drury and Filip Denker in 2015, Yoto provides a healthy alternative to screen-based entertainment.

Inspired by Montessori principles, Yoto allows children to control their play using physical smartcards. Their products include the Yoto Player and Yoto Mini, that provide stories, music and activities in a screen-free format.


What Makes Yoto Unique


Yoto stands out through its mission to offer content for children that doesn’t rely on screen time. Through its audio platform, it provides a safer space for children to consume content, that doesn’t include any microphones, cameras or ads.

The product is also unique in that it allows children to choose their own content, with each card designed with child development in mind. Children are able to select a card based on their age group to insert into their device, which then plays the audio content.

The offering is pretty comprehensive, with content from creators like Beatrix Potter, Disney, Julia Donaldson, Ladybird, PAW Patrol and more. The genres listed are also vast, including bedtime stories, music, learning and adventure tales.

With so much content available to choose from, and players priced between £59.99 and £89.99, Yoto creates safe, engaging and educational content for children.



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Is There A Market For Screen-Free Audio Devices?


Screen time is a huge topic when it comes to raising children, especially with how profoundly it can impact their mental health. Studies suggest that excessive screen time can lead to sleep problems, reduced attention span and problems with socialising, making it an obvious area for parents to want to cut back on.

Additionally, with so much danger online and parental controls getting easier to bypass, finding content sources that don’t rely on screens or the internet is hugely desirable.

In general though, parents will always look for educational and entertaining content for their children, Yoto taps into this perfectly by combining good content with screen-less devices. By also providing a content bank of cards, children are able to independently choose the audio they want to listen to or learn more about, encouraging more autonomous play.


Where can you find Yoto?


You can see Yoto’s screen-free audio players and content cards at