Startup Profile: adoor

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adoor is the platform to track your house move online. Connecting everyone involved to track and update the progress of your move and the chain in one place.

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Why in 2021 is it easier to track your Deliveroo than your house move? Why are conveyancers and estate agents spending over 7 hours a week reacting to enquiries just chasing for updates? With over 1.2millions transactions completed in 2021, there’s a huge market opportunity to support everyone involved in the process to have better collaboration and clarity in the house moving process.

Michael Wadsworth started adoor in 2019 and launched in March 2021. Michael commented:

“I built adoor as a first time buyer, not understanding the process and wondering why I could only call/email to get updates or ask questions. There wasn’t somewhere I could go when I needed an answer or to see the status of my move. I wasn’t in control as I was totally reliant on someone else for answers and updates. Buying or selling a house is an exciting but also emotional process and having to wait for answers for simple questions can cause real stress or anxiety.”



Michael continued:

“The challenge we’re still overcoming is creating a multi-sided platform, bringing everyone (the buyer, seller, estate agent, conveyancer and mortgage broker) together in one place. The challenge is creating a platform where every feels like they are getting equal value and are equal players in the platform, trying not position the platform to pick one side over another when you’re trying to encourage collaboration and an equal space all to show that we all have the same aim. To complete transactions stress-free in as short a time as possible. We’re working towards this by partnering with RICS, Thirdfort and more to announce soon.”


adoor’s plans for the coming year are to continue to onboard new customers and gather further feedback to refine the user experience. They also intend to add more integrations to connect to existing systems that conveyancers, estate agents and mortgage brokers use to eliminate double keying and streamline workflows and processes.

They’re also looking at expanding their product offering to other areas of the property industry. More on this will be announced in early 2022!