Startup Profile: Be My Eyes

  • Be My Eyes is a free app for iOS and Android devices
  • The app is used in more than 150 countries, and blind users can receive assistance from volunteers in more than 185 languages
  • Be My Eyes has 250,000 blind users signed up and more than 4 million sighted volunteers worldwide, and works with more than 30 brands and organisations to make the world more accessible for people with sight loss.


What is Be My Eyes?




Be My Eyes was founded in Denmark by Hans Jørgen Wiberg in 2012. Visually impaired himself, Wiberg was working as a consultant for the Danish Association of the Blind. Through his work he met many people who told him about how they used video call technology to receive remote visual assistance from friends and family. Wiberg believed that it would be possible to build a network of volunteers who’d be willing to answer these video calls. The Be My Eyes app was launched for iOS in 2015 and to Android in 2017.


How does it work?


If a blind or low-vision individual needs sighted assistance, they can connect with a sighted volunteer, company and organisation representative through a live video call. The volunteer or the representative will receive a notification, and when answered the two parties will be connected through a live video call. Using the feed from the blind or low-vision user’s rear facing camera, the volunteer or representative is able to give visual assistance.


Specialized Help and Be My Eyes for Work


Be My Eyes works with companies and organisations to make sure their offerings are accessible for sight impaired customers and employees with the two business solutions; Specialized Help and Be My Eyes for Work.

Specialized Help is the customer support platform that allows companies and organisations to support their visually impaired customers with their products and services. Instead of calling a volunteer, the blind user can connect with an official representative who is an expert within the field.

Be My Eyes for Work allows employers to support visually impaired employees and make the workplace more inclusive. Visually impaired employees will get access to a closed group on Be My Eyes consisting of sighted colleagues who they can connect with to resolve work related tasks – ensuring that no sensitive information leaves the organisation.