Startup Profile: Blippar

By Mirianna la Grasta | @mirilagrasta

Blippar is a tech company headquartered in London and specialising in augmented reality, AI and computer vision. The startup, which was founded in 2011 by Jessica Butcher, Ambarish Mitra, Omar Tayeb and Steve Spencer is one of the leading technology companies worldwide that aim to enhance everyday life with augmented reality.

The founders came up with the idea for the startup after sharing a joke about the Queen coming to life out of a £20 note. The company was born only a few days later, when Omar Tayeb actually came up with a working prototype for it. They create augmented reality and publishing platforms for brands, educators, publishers and enterprises, with the purpose of making the products these brands offer more entertaining, more valuable and more informative.

In 2014, the company acquired Layar, a fast-growing and pioneering augmented reality business that was founded in the late 2000s. Later in 2015, Blippar also invested in WaveOptics, a smart specs company focusing on developing low-energy lenses with an integrated live display for the user, but which can be fitted into common spectacles frames.

Blippar’s Work

So far, Blippar has helped thousands of brands, agencies and retailers to use AR and AI with their customers, in order to improve and further develop consumer engagement, as well as market presence, and drive sales. The company offers several services, from consultation to advertising and media banners, and AR creation tools. Blippar has so far worked with big brands like PepsiCo, Nestlé, Porche, General Mills, l’Oréal, Procter, Gamble and GSK, creating products and award-winning AR experiences for their customers.

Blippar’s Services

Through the “Blippar Studio”, the company provides consultancy services to customers. Their Blippar Studio team works on building customised apps and web-based AR experiences for businesses and their media agencies. Blippar also offers two AR creation tools that enable agencies, creatives and brands to craft their own augmented reality experiences. By using “Blipbuilder” and “Blipbuilder Script”, clients can create content to later publish it on any existing app, as well as the AR apps built by the same Blippar, the augmented reality SDK and the Augmented Reality Browser App.