Startup Profile: KIDDYKIND


In July 2022 KIDDYKIND was launched, a new digital department store dedicated to bringing together natural, ethical and sustainable kids products, together in one place to make conscious shopping for kids more convenient.


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Parents are always having to buy something for their children. In such a short space of time children get through so much, whether that be toys, clothes, feeding equipment or baby products, the list is endless. This constant requirement for purchasing has fuelled a movement within the children’s market for products to become increasingly sustainable.

The children’s market already has some well-established brands that focus on natural, ethical and sustainable products, and there are so many other inspiring, planet-friendly kids brands starting up.

As a parent, it’s quite easy to find the well-established brands. However, many of these brands sell their products alongside brands who use an element of ‘greenwashing’. This makes it more time consuming for parents, or anyone buying for children, to ensure they are buying products that are better for their children and the planet.

As for the smaller conscious brands, it can sometimes take so long to come across them or to find a ‘good’ alternative of something you need, which leads parents to purchasing non-planet friendly items due to ease and convenience.

In fact, 71% of parents became more aware of the products they were buying with an aim to become more conscious shoppers after having children, but found they didn’t have the time to do the research to find the products they were looking for – convenience was the greatest obstacle to shopping more consciously.



The founders of KIDDYKIND had exactly the same experience when they had their children. They were spending a lot of time researching to find consciously created products as a way of trying to reduce their child’s exposure to harmful toxins, and ensure the products they were buying were also kind to the planet. What they needed was one place where they knew everything they purchased had already been vetted and was either natural, ethical or sustainable.

KIDDYKIND is open to all brands irrespective of size. In order to sell on KIDDYKIND, businesses are approved to ensure they fit the ethos – natural, ethical and sustainable. This provides consumers with greater choice, as unlike other children’s site or on-premise store, the KIDDYKIND collection is not curated.

Currently, there are 15 inspiring brands selling on KIDDYKIND, and many award-winning products listed too. The founders are in talks with many more exciting brands, with three new brands launching on KIDDYKIND in the coming weeks.

KIDDYKIND is a tech platform where sellers, once approved, are able to upload and manage their own products and orders. As the technology element is a main focus of the business, KIDDYKIND are always looking at ways to improve their platform with both sellers and customers in mind.

One of the founders, a Senior Business Analyst by trade with over 10 years of experience in the Tech Industry helping many startups and entrepreneurs launch their tech ideas to market, is working closely with the sellers that are currently onboard to see how KIDDYKIND can continue to improve their offering.

By creating KIDDYKIND, the founders hope to make a positive impact on shopping habits, aiding parents to easily make more planet-friendly choices when buying for their children. The founders also hope to provide small businesses with more equal opportunities to showcase their consciously created products, whilst in turn ensuring all our customers have the greatest choice.


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