Startup Profile: MySense

By Mirianna la Grasta | @mirilagrasta

MySense is a London-based health-tech startup that was founded in October 2016 by data geek and entrepreneur Lucie Glenday. It has developed a home healthcare monitoring solution powered by AI that learns a person’s health, behavioural and wellbeing patterns, to establish what “being well” means and looks like for each user, and when their health is deteriorating.

The company currently works with several care organisations across the UK and is rapidly expanding worldwide through a series of global partnerships. Their goal is to reach more than 100,000 homes around the world in the next three years.

About MySense

MySense is a wellbeing analytics platform that learns an individual’s behavioural patterns and that can quickly spot declining health or the need for immediate care. It does so by using data from 11 fixed sensors, which are placed around the user’s home, and a wearable device that resembles a digital watch. All sensors are non-intrusive and are usually plugged in by users close to highly-trafficked locations around the house, like doors and taps.

By collecting data within the home setting, MySense wants to develop a better understanding of the users’ movements and habits during their day-to-day activities. Its algorithm then builds personalised models for each end user’s wellbeing. MySense constantly monitors all five patterns of mental and physical wellbeing: independence, alignment, nutrition, mobility and hydration.

The daily data sets are collected and shown on the platform’s dashboard for the user’s reference, so they can monitor and manage emerging care needs before they escalate. The MySense technology is able to identify those subtle changes and anomalies in an individual’s behaviour that suggest declining health or the need to seek better care.

The wellbeing insights gathered by MySense can be shared with family, friends, health professionals and care-givers, and indicated people are able to receive instant notifications when something needs checking. The platform protects the end user’s data, making sure people remain in complete control of their health information and are able to change who their data is shared with at any time.

Mission And Ethos

The London-based startup wants to take advantage of the opportunities that using tech in the health sector can create. Their mission is to empower people to live as independently as possible to their full potential, whatever their health, mobility or age. They want to offer a digital health solution that is simple to use, functional, but above all affordable for everyone. The startup focuses on social value and compassionate technology. They like to describe themselves as people who know what caring for a loved one is like, and who put helping others before profit. MySense currently uses some of their income to help people who have limited access to healthcare, especially those living in developing nations.