Startup Profile: Send

Send has developed a revolutionary SaaS insurance platform that enables commercial insurers, reinsurers and brokers to fundamentally change and improve how they operate.

From start-up to scale-up in four years, Send has achieved a 40% year-on-year growth, built a team of 30+ experts, and taken on some of the leading insurance businesses as clients. Since Ben, Andy and Matt had the vision to reshape and enhance processes of commercial insurers in 2017, the London-headquartered business has introduced a new way of working to the market, and has expanded into the US.




During their years in the complex and highly traditional commercial insurance market, the trio agreed there was a widespread problem in the adoption of new technology solutions. Legacy systems presented the biggest barrier to innovation, as well as the perceived cost and disruption to service, leading many businesses to simply, stand still. Their aim was to act as a digital accelerator for insurance clients, from start-ups to enterprises, helping them to make the adoption and scaling of technology solutions simpler, and more effective. Send’s model allows for rapid SaaS deployment to insurers, brokers and managing agents, regardless of size.

The team began by developing Send Connect, a secure cloud-based integration platform to speed up and simplify system integration with APIs. With an intuitive user interface, the system offers a highly scalable microservice architecture that can be easily integrated with existing systems, including those legacy platforms that many established insurance businesses rely on.



This was quickly followed by the development of Send’s Underwriting Workbench, which went live with its first client, one of the UK’s top insurers, the following year. The AI-assisted Underwriting Workbench was a game-changer for Send and the market, attracting widespread attention from new clients for its ability to help insurers streamline insurance operations and increase efficiencies.

The insurance industry is notorious for its reliance on multiple sources of data, spreadsheets, manual data entry and the movement of information between different formats and systems. Underwriters spend a lot of their time managing these clunky processes when they should be focusing on the art of their trade, finding creative solutions for risk, and developing profitable business opportunities. Send’s Underwriting Workbench automates many of these manual processes and harmonises data sources into one, easy-to-use platform, helping underwriters to rediscover their love of underwriting.

And the business shows no sign of slowing down. In the past few months alone, Send has attracted and agreed commercial relationships with over five UK-based and global insurers, reinsurers and managing agents from start-ups to enterprises. The privately-owned company has also accelerated plans to develop new solutions and functionality to meet client and market demand.

Ben, Andy and Matt wanted to bring a fresh new way of working to the commercial insurance market. This vision is being realised with an end-to-end insurance platform that gives insurance teams everything they need to be more productive, in one place.