Startup Profile: Well Squared

Zobir Alexander Well Squared

The busy lives we live can impact our diets dramatically. With tens of millions of people in the UK not meeting their dietary needs, people cite their hectic schedules and the lack of education about nutrition being major contributing factors. Coupled with the myriad of supplements on the market and the misinformation surrounding them, there is a clear need for research-led products.

A key factor that accelerated their inception was one that their founder, Dr Alexander, saw during his time on the hospital wards. Very few people, if any, actually enjoy taking tablets or capsules. Vitamin tablets can especially taste unpleasant, making the experience not one that people look forward to. 

An ambitious startup, Well Squared, led by a recently qualified doctor is tackling this problem. Having launched in October this year, Well Squared are on a mission to make supplementary nutrition easy and enjoyable. The core of their ethos is sustainability, quality and convenience. 

Plant-based, science-backed and delicious chewable vitamin gummies is their answer. 


Well Squared


Dr Zobir Alexander, founder of Well Squared, commented:

“The inception of Well Squared was driven by the confusion and lack of clear information about supplementation, healthy diets and nutrition. As unfortunate as it was, the arrival of Covid-19 forced people across the globe to become more aware of their own health and nutrition. At Well Squared, we take pride in empowering people on their wellbeing journey. We are passionate about the emphasis of staying healthy and owning your health, but doing so in a way that also puts a smile on your face every day.”


Well Squared are also committed to creating a more sustainable future and minimising their carbon footprint. Their plant-powered brand is non-GMO, dairy & gluten-free, the packaging is fully recyclable and they have already made progress on their application to be a B-corp. 

Well Squared passionately believe in operating with a purpose-led approach, ensuring that planet and people are at the heart of every product they create. 


“Our mission is to provide a convenient, sustainable and enjoyable means to stay healthy. We are excited to see what the future holds.”

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