10 Startups In Birmingham To Keep An Eye On

Situated at the pulsating heart of the UK, Birmingham already has a firm reputation for its entrepreneurial spirit. From its illustrious industrial past, the city’s indomitable work ethic perseveres through its burgeoning startup scene. From platforms designed to enhance employee well-being to initiatives implementing cutting-edge technology to help the growth of SMEs, this city is brimming with creativity and innovation.

Encompassing an array of industries, this article embarks on an exploration of Birmingham’s startup ecosystem, spotlighting 10 ventures poised to make waves and leave a lasting mark on the city’s entrepreneurial landscape.


1. Graide




Developed by teaching assistants at the University of Birmingham, the creators of Graide built the platform on the recognition of the value of education, but understanding that it shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of the educator’s well-being. To ease teachers’ burdens and enhance student feedback, Graide aims to empower educators and broaden access to high-quality education.

Having experienced the limitations of fully automated systems and the inefficiency of traditional paper grading methods, Graide sought to provide a flexible and user-friendly alternative. The result is Graide, an artificial intelligence (AI) grading solution revolutionising assessment and feedback. This AI-assisted platform streamlines grading processes, ensuring greater efficiency, consistency, and promptness in delivering valuable feedback to students.


2. &facts




&facts recognise the vital role small businesses play in the economy, constituting a staggering 99% of all businesses according to its research. However, in the UK, half of new businesses falter within their initial five years, often due to their inability to access the data and insights crucial for growth and subsequent success. &facts seek to level the playing field by democratising access to data, thereby empowering small business owners.

By offering real-time insights into consumer behaviours, needs, and motivations, &facts leverage real-world data to equip the next generation of small business brands with invaluable market intelligence. This initiative aims to provide these businesses with the tools they need to thrive and expand.


3. FourPlus Immersive


FourPlus Immersive


FourPlus is at the forefront of immersive experiences, spearheading the development of a groundbreaking new product that empowers industries to create their own XR (Extended Reality) experiences. With a focus on revolutionising sectors such as life sciences, biotechnology, and healthcare, its immersive technology aims to cut training time and swiftly prepare employees for their roles through the Accelerate virtual reality training system.

Delivering a wealth of immersive training options available on-demand without constraints, FourPlus prioritises time efficiency and engagement. Moreover, for those seeking tailored training solutions, FourPlus boasts extensive experience in creating bespoke virtual training courses to meet specific user needs.


4. Voilo




Voilo is a platform created to support small independent businesses and charities by offering accessible and cost-effective payment solutions. In an era dominated by cardless and cashless transactions, Voilo recognises the significance of minimising high transaction overheads and avoiding costly hardware investments.

By providing unparalleled access to affordable support, cutting-edge technology, and valuable insights, Voilo is committed to delivering transformative solutions to businesses and charities. Empowering them with the necessary tools and insights, Voilo aims to unlock their full potential and facilitate growth with ease.

5. AM Talent Property


AM Talent Property


AM Talent is dedicated to providing reputable and highly recommended recruitment services for businesses and candidates within the UK Property industry. Offering personalised services marked by transparency and flexibility, AM Talent aims to revolutionise property hiring by introducing a 4-month guarantee with every placement.

Backed by extensive experience in the UK property sector, AM Talent brings a vast network to the forefront, ensuring long-term, successful hires. With AM Talent, you can trust that you’ll find the perfect match for your needs.



6. Chromatwist




ChromaTwist stands at the forefront of large Stokes shift organic fluorescent dyes, renowned for their ability to be excited across both UV and blue spectrums, resulting in vibrant, customisable emissions spanning the entire visible spectrum.

Leveraging patented molecular technology and a modular, scalable chemistry approach, ChromaTwist is pioneering the development of fluorophores, expanding the horizons of applications within the healthcare sector. These advancements find practical use in bio-sensing and bio-imaging, promising breakthroughs in diagnostics and research.


7. Kaido




Already trusted by thousands of teams worldwide, Kaido is dedicated to fostering both physical and mental well-being among employees. Today, we increasingly recognise the profound impact well-being has on our overall happiness and health in the long run. Acknowledging this, Kaido advocates for the integration of well-being practices within the workplace, offering the Kaido Wellbeing Challenge as its solution.

The Kaido Wellbeing Challenge has yielded impressive outcomes, boasting an 89% enhancement in overall employee well-being, a 60% surge in well-being-related discussions, and a 75% increase in team interaction. Notably, 98% of participants would subsequently endorse Kaido to their colleagues, underscoring its effectiveness.

Whether participating as an employee or orchestrating a challenge as an HR professional, manager, or team leader, Kaido allows for customisation to suit the unique needs of each team.


8. Rent Chief


Rent Chief


Rent Chief distinguishes itself as the premier end-to-end solution for landlords, offering comprehensive assistance in optimising new property investments and efficiently managing existing ones. Through the Rent Chief platform, landlords can manage everything in one place. Track data, documents, and images relevant to their portfolios streamline asset tracking, schedule maintenance, and monitor compliance dates and health and safety inspections.

Additionally, Rent Chief facilitates easy management of tenant issues through its chat and issue workflow feature, fostering transparent communication among all parties. Furthermore, landlords can leverage Rent Chief’s investor research tools to evaluate and enhance new property investments, accessing information such as average yields, previous sale prices, and area trends.


9. Hireable



Hireable leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to assist organisations in efficiently navigating career transitions and addressing workforce displacement. After its founder found themself laid off and left with little to no accessible career transition support, Hireable was designed to ensure this doesn’t have to happen for anyone else. Its core mission is to provide innovative tools that revolutionise the delivery of career transition support, showcasing its commitment to empowering organisations with transformative solutions.

Explore Hireable’s CV builder for free, a tool that has already aided hundreds of users in securing employment and advancing their career development journey.


10. Alpomi




Alpomi transforms data from multiple platforms into actionable insights, reducing your time and costs while boosting revenue. In the ever-evolving field of marketing, Alpomi tackles these changes effortlessly through user-friendly machine learning-powered analysis. By consolidating data sources and offering real-time insights, Alpomi enables smarter decision-making, keeping you ahead of the curve. With sophisticated analytics and an intuitive interface, Alpomi simplifies the learning process and enhances productivity, empowering you to thrive and grow.