Startups Helping You Stretch Every Penny

In the UK, the challenge of high living costs continues to weigh heavily on many households. From rising rent and mortgage payments to increasing utility bills and food prices, families are feeling the strain on their finances. For some, the struggle to make ends meet has become a daily reality, with little relief in sight.

However, in the midst of this economic pressure, there are companies stepping up to provide solutions. These companies recognise the difficulties individuals and families face and offer innovative tools and services to help alleviate the burden. Whether it’s budgeting apps, financial management platforms, or support networks, these initiatives aim to empower people to manage their money better and navigate the challenges of high living costs more effectively.

By acknowledging the realities of the cost-of-living crisis and taking proactive steps to address them, these companies are playing a crucial role in supporting individuals and communities across the UK. As they continue to innovate and expand their offerings, there is hope for a more financially secure future for all.


Startups That Alleviate The Cost-Of-Living Struggle







Mealia, a startup launched in 2022, tackles the intersection of the cost of living crisis and the rise of artificial intelligence. Their chatbot, powered by generative AI, assists low-income households in managing food shopping expenses. Users engage with Mealia, sharing dietary needs, budgets, and meal preferences. The chatbot then generates personalised meal plans and recipes, considering available ingredients and budget constraints. By scanning supermarket prices and promoting sustainable choices, Mealia aids in budget-friendly, nutritious eating while minimising food waste. Free for consumers, Mealia plans to expand through partnerships with supermarkets, aiming to ease the financial burden of food shopping for struggling households. Supported by the mayor of London’s Poverty Prevention Challenge, Mealia exemplifies technology’s potential to address societal challenges like food insecurity and rising living costs.






Nous, a London-based startup, aims to alleviate the financial strain caused by the UK’s cost of living crisis. With a recent $9 million seed round, Nous offers a free personalised report to help households understand how price rises affect their expenses and provides advice on adapting to inflation. Beyond this initial step, Nous plans to offer a subscription service that leverages household finance data to automate essential service switching and cost negotiation. By analysing first-party household data and third-party vendor information, Nous aims to save households over £1,000 annually. With a team boasting cross-industry expertise, Nous prioritises consumer interests and aims to provide a fair market for essential services through transparency and automation. While focused on the UK for now, future expansion may be possible pending regulatory frameworks in other markets.


Mortar Works



Mortar Works offers innovative solutions to support renters facing financial challenges, particularly in managing debts related to rent. Through their technology-driven approach, Mortar aims to redefine the relationships between individuals, properties, and communities. Their flagship product, Hoop’d, empowers users with dynamic tools like the Digital Inclusion Triage Tool and Community Navigation Platform. These solutions enable more efficient service delivery, personalised support, and better access to essential resources, ultimately helping renters navigate financial difficulties and avoid high-cost debts. Mortar’s collaborations with local authorities and housing associations further amplify their impact, contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable rental landscape while alleviating the burden of living costs for vulnerable renters.\





SuperFi is a London-based financial technology company founded in 2021, offering a comprehensive budgeting and financial planning software tool. Their platform serves as a centralised hub for managing all aspects of financial management, including bill organisation, debt consolidation, and personalised debt support. By providing specialist advice and tools for debt prevention, SuperFi aims to help users maximise their income, reduce outgoings, and stay on top of their bills to avoid problem debt. Users can track and manage their bills, receive reminders, discover government benefits, and access debt advice through partnerships with organisations like StepChange. With features like automatic bill tracking and payment allocation, SuperFi empowers users to take control of their finances and navigate the challenges of the cost of living crisis.





W1TTY is a financial technology company on a mission to empower everyone with the tools and knowledge to take control of their finances. With over 150,000 users across Europe, W1TTY offers a suite of personalised finance tools, including spending tracking, gamified learning, and customised debit cards. By providing easy access to financial management features like bill splitting, quick transfers, and secure logins, W1TTY helps users streamline their financial activities and make informed decisions. With features like vibrant contactless debit cards and worldwide ATM access, W1TTY enables users to manage their money conveniently while also promoting financial health and resilience in the face of rising living costs.