How Startups Are Improving Ecommerce Returns

Canadian startup ReturnBear is looking at the UK ecommerce space, and will be launching their brand here as of 1 July. They use e-commerce and logistics tech to improve the returns process for retailers and customers. The cross-border returns process will now be easier from the US and Canada to the UK.

Sylvia Ng, CEO of ReturnBear commented, “Merchants can easily sell in a hundred countries overnight using global selling platforms. But there is no easy way to get returns back. Our expansion into the UK market is part of our vision to be the first global end-to-end platform for single-day returns.”

Better Returns Processes For Even Better Customer Experiences

In ecommerce, a big issue has been that of returns. The process can either make or break the entire customer experience and journey depending on how swiftly it is carried through. Enter ReturnBear, who brings a solution to make sure this is indeed a smooth process through a network of package-free, label-free drop-off locations that support instant refunds.

“Consumers check for convenient returns before buying, and merchants must meet consumers’ expectations to grow in local markets. ReturnBear provides a simple way to do that.” The company, which started with just two pilot locations in Toronto, now has over 1,000 service points across Canada and the US.

Meghan Victoria, Founder and CEO of Sol Kyst, one of the companies who will be working with ReturnBear in the UK, spoke about the partnership: “The global response to our brand and products has been phenomenal.

“Being an inclusive brand with multiple size offerings, creating an easy exchange and return process has remained a top priority for us. We are really looking forward to enhancing our return offering for our customers in the UK with ReturnBear, knowing it will increase the positive experiences for our customers as well as our business.”

More Returns Startups For Ecommerce

The returns process of the ecommerce customer journey has been acknowledged by many other startups as well. These startups are also finding solutions to what usually would be a tedious process.

Arrive Powers Resale Innovations

Arrive helps change how brands manage stock that has been returned, or ordered in excess by bringing the opportunity to resell them on their platform. This “recommerce” platform supports businesses in improving their profit margins through a full suite of services including warehousing and partner integrations. Their offering is cost-effective and user-friendly so that stock management for businesses is much simpler.

ReturnGO For Sustainable Solutions

ReturnGO operates as a sustainable return management platform that helps brands manage their returns by making sure they still make a profit while still keeping waste to a minimum. They support over 2700 brands to date with features that focus on customer retention and care for the environment.

REVER For Smooth Returns Processes

REVER brings post-sale solutions to its customers by making the returns process a more efficient and streamlined one. Here, they give opportunities for users to be able to upsell items. The platform works well with existing business systems to reduce disruption and improve efficiency.