Startups Innovating The Wine Industry

Since the dawn of time, humans have been fermenting grapes to make wine. Today, there are over 10,000 varieties of wine grown worldwide.

According to OIV, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, the world wine consumption per capita amounts to 3.3 litres per person … now that’s a lot of wine.


How Big Is The Wine Industry?


The wine industry is a billion dollar industry – valued at $340 billion in 2021 according to Fortune Business Insights.

Though the industry did see a slight dip post-covid, it’s certainly no surprise that the industry is continuing to stand strong.


What Countries Have The Biggest Wine Economies?


The countries with the biggest wine economies include France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Agentina and the US according to oec World – with many companies relying on the industry to fuel their economies.

But the wine economy isn’t just about bottles, every year millions of tourists head to countries with vast wine regions to enjoy their natural beauty. Countries like Italy, France and Argentina draw in wine lovers worldwide so that they can marvel at their wineries, helping fuel the local economy.


What Are The Most Popular Wines?


Like most food and drink, a person’s wine preference depends on their individual taste. Wines tend to be split into four basic types: white wine, rosé wine, red wine and sparking wine.

In general though, the most popular wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinor Noir, Merlot, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc.



Top Startups Revolutionising Wine


It’s no surprise then that a number of startups have emerged to take the wine industry by storm. As tech continues to evolve, these vineyard visionaries are not just helping grow grapes, but also create world-class wine.

Let’s take a look at them…


Vivino – Wine App


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Vivino is a popular app for wine lovers, designed to help them identify and enjoy new wines.

Almost like a crowd-sourced rating system, Vivino provides feedback on thousands of bottles, helping wine lovers choose the bottles they are most likely to enjoy. – Grape Growing With AI


Designed specifically to help cultivate vineyards, is a precision agriculture tool that allows growers to monitor their crops more carefully.

Through innovative sensors and weather monitoring, the company can provide real-time data on plants, helping farmers make more informed decisions.


Curated – Members Rare Wine Club


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Curated is a membership platform that allows users to buy and store rate wines catered to their tastes and preferences.

Designed for collectors, members can take part in auctions, buy rate bottles and even store them in the company’s cellar.


WineFinely – Find Rare Wines


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For those that want to explore the rarest bottles, WineFinely scans wine inventories across Europe to alert wine lovers to the rarest purchases on offer.

Available as an app, wine lovers can ensure they never miss a chance to buy the wine they enjoy.


Made By Chicks – Canned Wine


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With the canned wine market gaining popularity, startups like Made By Chicks are innovating an age-old industry.

By offering low-sugar, canned wine for more casual consumption, Made by Chicks is changing the way wine is both sored and consumed.


Second Winery – AI Wine Tasting




Second Winery is an AI guided wine tasting experience, designed to help people explore new wines.

Members get a new kit with 3 wines every month, alongside an AI tasting and educational kit. Alongside this, Second Winery also offers VR vineyard tours, helping people explore new regions from their homes.


Vinidaily – Wine Selection


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For those getting to know their wine flavour profiles, Vinidaily offers a quiz to help people get to know the wines they enjoy.

Users can also add a meal, budget or occasion to ensure the selection is right for them.


Sipwell – Canned Wine Delivered


Sipwell Wine Co. - Premium Sustainable Canned Wine


Sipwell is a California-based canned wine company that delivers wine straight to a person’s door.

Boasting zero sugar and organic grapes, the company is re-defining what drinking wine looks like.