10 Startups In Leeds To Keep An Eye On

Leeds is quickly establishing itself as a burgeoning hub for entrepreneurial activity. Situated at the heart of Yorkshire, this city is playing host to a new wave of startups emerging in industries spanning from innovative solar products to digital dental technology, each embodying the spirit of innovation and creativity set to reshape the landscape of Leeds and beyond.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on 10 startups in Leeds that are capturing attention for their disruptive ideas. Join us as we delve into the stories of startups that we think deserve your attention.


1. BioStress Lab


BioStress Lab


The founders of BioStress did so out of an understanding of the importance and impact of stress in the workplace. Imagine having the ability to objectively monitor stress levels and measure their impact on employee performance. This is precisely where BioStress comes into play, revolutionising the realm of stress management.

In today’s workplaces, stress can wield a detrimental influence. BioStress endeavours to provide objective data, not only to offer personalised guidance for employees to better deal with stress but also to pinpoint precisely how an organisation might be needlessly contributing to employee stress, and how these stressors can be mitigated.

This integrated approach entails tracking the progress of any implemented changes and directly assessing their Return on Investment (ROI) through both commercial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and individual well-being metrics.

BioStress achieves this through user-friendly biometric devices, all of which seamlessly integrate with its workplace stress calculator. Already boasting impressive statistics, including a 22% reduction in stress, a 30-minute enhancement in sleep, and a 100% recommendation rate among colleagues, BioStress stands as a beacon of innovation in the domain of workplace wellness.


2. Meeow




In the era of remote work, Meeow emerges as an innovative solution crafted specifically for small businesses navigating this landscape. Meeow offers a platform designed to boost connection-building by facilitating meetings in groups of four for 45-minute sessions. These smaller groups ensure that every participant has the opportunity to engage with each other, thereby maximising the potential for meaningful connections to flourish.

With a new Meeow commencing on the hour, every hour, participation is free, opening doors to encounters that could lead to meeting new clients, or simply having enriching discussions. Additionally, individuals can opt for specialised Meeows centred around specific topics, enhancing the likelihood of discovering mutual connections among fellow Meeowists.

Meeow also organises regular remote events like ‘Women in Tech Networking’ and ‘Creative & Marketing Networking’, offering participants the chance to meet like-minded individuals and expand their knowledge base through engaging discussions and shared insights.


3. Earthchain




Earthchain offers a comprehensive solution for managing your climate program seamlessly from a unified platform. By providing end-to-end visibility of essential data such as greenhouse gas emissions across your business, Earthchain empowers organisations to report confidently per international disclosure standards and subsequently implement robust decarbonisation strategies.

Moreover, Earthchain streamlines supply chain management with its supplier engagement module, offering suppliers a centralised source of accurate data year-round to facilitate the seamless exchange of emissions information.

Additionally, Earthchain’s marketplace provides access to a curated selection of climate impact projects from around the globe, allowing users to build a diverse portfolio of rigorously vetted initiatives.


4. Fearne & Rosie


Fearne & Rosie


In 2019, Fearne & Rosie emerged onto the scene, borne out of founder Rachel’s realisation of the excessive sugar consumption prevalent in households. Driven by a mission to combat this issue, Rachel launched Fearne & Rosie, offering a range of reduced-sugar jams aimed at providing healthier alternatives for children and their families.

Distinguishing itself from conventional jams, Fearne & Rosie products contain a remarkable 40% less sugar, with approximately 70% comprising fruit or all-natural vegan ingredients, free from concentrates. These natural jams prioritise wholesome ingredients, leaving out the common nasties typically found in household staples.

Furthermore, Fearne & Rosie also recognises the significance of not only supplying healthy products but also educating families on the importance of making informed dietary choices. Through initiatives such as packaging education, school visits, and engagement with governmental bodies to advocate for legislative changes, Fearne & Rosie endeavours to empower families to make healthier lifestyle choices, easier.


5. SatSense




SatSense empowers users to understand the stability of a site and its structures with precision, while also flagging areas that may need further inspection or maintenance. By swiftly and securely pinpointing ground movement risks through its Assess, Monitor, and Alert Software, SatSense provides an innovative risk management platform.

The process begins with the software’s assessment phase, which analyses site movements. Next, it transitions into the monitoring stage, continuously updating movement data in the user’s area of interest. Finally, SatSense ensures proactive risk mitigation by alerting users via email or text upon detecting any excessive movements, safeguarding both people and assets in the area.

At its core, SatSense is driven by a mission to make access to satellite ground movement data more affordable, accessible, and easily interpretable. By facilitating informed risk management and strategic business decisions through InSAR technology, SatSense aims to equip users with the tools necessary to optimise safety.


6. Mimetrik


Comprised of a team of esteemed experts, Mimetrik is at the forefront of advancing digital dental technology. Over recent years, the integration of digital technology has already yielded significant benefits, enhancing dentists’ abilities to assess, diagnose, and treat patients with greater speed and efficiency.

However, despite these advancements, existing digital technologies are often expensive, difficult to operate, and thus challenging to integrate seamlessly into a dentist’s daily workflow. This is where Mimetrik steps in. With a focus on addressing the current challenges faced by dentists in utilising digital technology, Mimetrik introduces its groundbreaking five-axis digital scanner hybrid-scanning software.

By harnessing pioneering AI-driven technology developed by Mimetrik’s clinical research team, its clinically validated smart scanner enables dentists to swiftly generate highly accurate 3D scans directly in their practice. This offers a significant leap in accuracy compared to existing offerings in the market, promising a transformative shift in how dentists can operate moving forward.


7. CurveBlock




Determined to reshape financial inclusivity within the real estate investment realm, CurveBlock is on a transformative mission. Their objective is simple: for investors to reap rewards with each carbon-zero, energy-positive development completed and sold. Through this approach, the platform endeavours to democratise the sector, empowering the public as both financiers and beneficiaries through equitable profit sharing.

Investors have the opportunity to participate in a varied portfolio of sustainable property development ventures, ensuring an equitable distribution of profits – a win-win scenario for both investors and the environment.


8. Loop Cashmere


Loop Cashmere


Loop is dedicated to offering meticulously crafted, high-quality cashmere clothes designed to withstand the test of time, thanks to the conscientious decisions driving their creation. With a commitment to sustainability at its core, Loop strives to produce items that contribute to a more environmentally responsible world for its products, suppliers, and customers alike.

Using 100% sustainably sourced yarn, Loop ensures that every step of its supply chain reflects ethical and sustainable practices. For instance, by manufacturing in small batches, Loop minimises waste and carefully dyes raw fibres to maintain the vibrancy of colours. Furthermore, the brand collaborates with artisans located in areas equipped with on-site water treatment facilities, ensuring that all water used during production is recycled and even growing vegetables on-site to sustain the workforce.

In a proactive effort to offset carbon emissions, Loop’s team also plants trees at a rate of 30 trees per 1 tonne of CO2 emitted. All of these initiatives collectively underscore Loop’s commitment to fostering a sustainable future.


9. Envirogood




Envirogood is revolutionising the solar industry by introducing cutting-edge 3D drone-based solar design and battery planning software. Its platform offers seamless access to download electricity consumption data directly from smart meter networks, streamlining the process for its users.

With Envirogood’s innovative products, users can efficiently survey and design sites, benefitting from its products’ many features designed to enhance clarity and usability. Envirogood’s goal is to provide autonomous solar and battery feasibility tools for homeowners, businesses, and installers alike, ensuring not only innovation but also focusing on the continuous improvement of its solar products as Envirogood is committed to staying at the forefront of technology, constantly enhancing its products to ultimately deliver a more efficient and sustainable solar future.


10. Acuity Robotics


Acuity Robotics


A spin-out from the University of Leeds Real Robotics laboratory, Acuity Robotics comprises a team of elite machinery and data experts dedicated to revolutionising integrated inspection and data reporting through robotics. Pioneering the creation of two of the globe’s most compact proprietary robots, they specialise in scaling structures deemed difficult, expensive, or even inaccessible by conventional means such as humans or drones.

These cutting-edge robots transcend mere inspection capabilities; they excel in both internal and external assessments, aided by a deployable drone. Beyond inspection, Acuity Robotics excels in infrastructure data analysis and reporting, facilitating intelligent monitoring, enhanced decision-making, and overall operational efficiency.