Startup Of The Week: Lexplore

  • Lexplore is helping more young people develop their reading skills through its AI-driven eye-tracking software.
  • It uses its advanced technologies to assess, monitor and provide personalised reading development resources to school pupils to help with their literacy.
  • The company’s key products include an AI-driven and eye tracking-based reading assessment, a library of digital books that can be personalised to individual learning levels, and structured reading activities that can help with individual development.




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What is Lexplore?


Lexplore is an educational technology company focused on transforming reading development in young people.

Through the use of AI and eye tracking technology, Lexplore can more accurately asses and improve the reading skills of pupils. The service works by starting with a reading assessment, which uses AI technology to measure a pupil’s reading skills in a few minutes. This quick assessment ensures schools are able to spend less time analysing reading ability and more time supporting the students that need it.

Based on the results of the test, Lexplore recommends personalised resources designed to support each pupil on their specific reading journey. This approach is particularly helpful for schools, where it allows teachers to easily track progress and provides them with more personalised materials at scale.


What Makes Lexplore Unique?


What makes Lexplore unique is its science-based, quick method of analysing a child’s reading ability through eye-tracking and AI.

This technique, which was developed through research at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, gives educators a fast and accurate assessment of a pupil’s reading skills.

Traditional methods, which require a more hands on approach by teachers that can be biased, inaccurate and labour-intensive can now be replaced with a more objective and quick process.

The speed of assessment is a massive asset, combined with the company’s library of resources, which includes eBooks and reading exercises that can be adapted to each individual student and implemented at scale.



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Is There A Market For Educational Technology Focused On Reading?


Reading and literacy is the most important thing a child learns in their early education. It’s no surprise then that companies are innovating to support in the sector.

In fact, as the global population increases, Educational leaders and governments worldwide are on the hunt for solutions like Lexplore that can improve literacy in a scalable and impactful way.

The reason literacy is so important is because there is a general positive correlation between countries with high literacy rates and those with stronger economies. It follows logically that highly educated populations contribute better to societies economically – so investing in tech that can help achieve this at scale is a no brainer for policymakers.

With over 500,000 assessments completed, the demand for tech-driven reading development tools like Lexplore is clear.


Where Can You Find Lexplore?


Find Lexplore at their website