This Newly Funded Startup Is Creating Smart Solutions For Cybersecurity

ExactTrak is leading the way in keeping digital devices and data safe. This startup is quickly getting noticed for its fresh take on protecting against cyber threats, using the latest tech to come up with real-world solutions.

Recently, ExactTrak secured an investment of £1 million, demonstrating strong confidence in its vision and technology. This funding, with contributions from the Ministry of Defence-backed defence & security seed fund and angel investors, underscores the startup’s potential to redefine cybersecurity standards.

Norman Shaw, founder and CEO, shares his enthusiasm: “This investment is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity. We’re setting new standards, especially as we face the emerging challenges of quantum computing.”

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ExactTrack’s Innovative Solutions

ExactTrak’s flagship product, SmartSafe, offers a revolutionary layer of security beyond traditional software-based approaches. It provides:


Embedded Security: A defensive layer that operates outside the usual confines of the operating system, offering protection even when devices are off.

Location-Based Security: Ensuring data safety on the move, SmartSafe addresses modern challenges of mobile device security.

Asset Security: A comprehensive solution for remote management and surveillance of devices, granting control and oversight anytime, anywhere.

A Journey of Innovation

The journey began with an ambitious vision after collaborating with GCHQ in their accelerator programme. From a simple USB stick to advanced mobile device solutions, ExactTrak has continuously evolved. Its patented SmartSafe technology is a testament to its innovative spirit, securing devices at the source and surpassing conventional security measures.

Cyber Protection and Compliance

SmartSafe’s technology aligns with the UK government’s highest security standards, offering businesses a robust defense mechanism against cyber threats. Its unique selling point is the ability to operate independently of the device’s operating system, reducing vulnerabilities and ensuring data integrity.

ExactTrak’s partnership with giants like Dell will help it reach greater heights in innovation, for the commercial sector, including finance and healthcare.

Mark White of UKI2S praises ExactTrak’s vision: “Their innovative approach and dual-use capabilities place them at the industry’s leading edge.”


What’s Going on with UK Cybersecurity?

The UK is facing more complex cyber threats than ever, with increasing ransomware attacks and data breaches. These dangers are becoming more sophisticated, putting both businesses and individuals at risk.


What is the NCSC For Startups Programme?

The National Cyber Security Centre has started a programme called NCSC For Startups. It’s designed to use the creativity of startups to tackle urgent cybersecurity issues. With help from Plexal and other partners, startups get expert advice and support from experienced people at the NCSC.


How Will It Help Startups?

Startups participating in the programme can expect:


Expert Guidance: Direct collaboration with NCSC experts who provide valuable introductions, deep dives into security aspects, and mentorship.

Tailored Support: Whether developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or looking to expand, the programme caters to all stages of startup maturity, focusing on innovative technologies around key challenge areas like operational technology and ransomware.

Growth Opportunities: Facilitating introductions to potential investors and customers, creating avenues for commercial growth.

“The NCSC For Startups initiative is a transformative step towards making the UK the safest place to live and work online,” states an NCSC spokesperson. “By working directly with startups, we’re not only addressing immediate cybersecurity challenges but also fostering an ecosystem that encourages technological innovation and security.”