Tea Subscription Companies Stirring Up The Tea Industry

Many new business models have merged in past years, and subscriptions in particular are booming. The appeal of having your favourite products delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis, often accompanied with a sneaky discount, is reason enough to join in on the fun.

The food and beverage industry has been notably changed by subscription-based models. Tea, which is in fact the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, is a popular item to include in subscription boxes and many companies are catching on with the craze.


How Subscriptions Have Changed The Food And Beverage Industry


Subscription-based business models have taken the food and beverage industry by storm. These services make it easier than ever to have your favourite dishes and drinks delivered to your door, and it offers more than just a delivery service – the ease of convenience adds to make the experience truly memorable.

Subscription services are particularly useful to people who are short on time, as many hardworking professionals prefer not to spend hours in front of the stove after a long Wednesday to prepare dinner.


How Tea Subscriptions Are Shaking Up A Typically Static Industry


Rarely do we come across products that are so good that they simply cannot compete with what’s on the grocery store shelves. Such is the case with many consumables, and most tea-lovers would agree that this is true for that truly special box of 20s or 40s.

Tea subscriptions are tackling the challenges people face that are preventing them from brewing the perfect cup. These problems might include tight schedules, difficulty with transport, palette fatigue or simply being bored of the tea collection in the cupboard.

Tea subscriptions help add a touch of excitement and delight to every cup.


Tea Subscription Companies

Tea subscription companies have emerged to cater to the market of tea lovers. With their convenient and clever subscription options, these companies enable their customers to explore fragrant and exotic teas with utmost convenience.

Blue Tea Box




The Blue Tea Box offers rare and single-origin loose-leaf teas from around the globe. Customers can choose flavours according to their preferences and receive a free tea ball infuser with each order.

The Blue Tea Box includes three bags of tea in every box and they also deliver their boxes free of charge.


Bird & Blend Tea




Bird & Blend Tea provides boxes with 30-cups worth of tea which is delivered to your door on the first week of every month.

They have three different boxes to choose from each month, and customers can choose between boxes that have caffeine free blends, include unique and exciting flavours, or are gourmet blends.


Rare Tea Company




The rare Tea Company allows its customers to subscribe to any of their teas in any amounts. Their subscriptions all include a permanent 10% off discount and they offer free shipping to orders that exceed a certain amount.


True Tea Company




The True Tea Company has an exclusive tea club that allows it’s members to choose from a variety of specialty teas that will be delivered to your door every month.

Their subscription boxes each contain four types of exciting loose leaf teas of your choice, with a selection of over 200 to choose from.


Leaf Tea Shop




The Leaf Tea Shop offers a 3-month subscription to customers who would like to try their bespoke selection of teas throughout the year.

Their boxes include 5 different teas that come with information cards for each one.


The Tea Makers Of London




The Tea Makers Of London offer award winning loose leaf teas, that customers can subscribe to for 5% off and convenient delivery when it suits you.






Bruu is a tea club that sends members three teas each month which is delivered to their doorstep. Bruu customises its boxes according to your preferences.

Bruu also offers free delivery options, and their boxes contain enough tea for 20-40 cups each.