TechRound Readership Grows 800% in 12 Months – Meet The Founders of the UK’s Voice of Startups


“Getting into TechCrunch or Wired is virtually impossible without a £10 million funding round, but every startup and entrepreneur has an interesting story – and TechRound is here to tell it.”


David Soffer, Co-Founder explained: “TechRound was started to showcase our amazing SEO clients through interviews and top 10 lists – and then we had this kind of lightbulb moment when we started to get approached daily by some really interesting startups and PR companies.”





“We recognised how hard it was to get quality PR and recognition for our own clients and ventures and whilst always fans of mega news publications like Business Insider, Wired and TechCrunch, they were almost untouchable and impossible to get into. We realised that there is no British answer, which is ironic given that the UK is such a global startup leader at the moment.”

“We’ve worked with all kinds of interesting businesses, in Fintech, SaaS, Fashion, Food  – what could be sexier than that? Well, actually sex toys, we have even worked with them too – these are all passionate businesses, run by passionate people and experts in their field.”

“We love the idea of being approachable, because every startup has a great story and concept behind it and there is no one to really tell that story unless you had made headlines with a £10 million funding round.”

“Funding is important to startups and businesses, but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes in every business; and lots of great stories that just don’t get told.” 


“Britain is a global powerhouse when it comes to startups and TechRound is the platform and the answer for those businesses and everyone looking to connect with them.”


“Every startup in the UK and around the world has a founder, a team and an inspiration behind it and TechRound is there to tell those stories and make some noise about the brilliance and ingenuity of British and other startups. Britain is a global powerhouse when it comes to startups and TechRound is the platform and the answer for those businesses and everyone looking to connect with them.”


“Highlights have included meeting and interviewing the heads of Toyota, Santander, Curve, a message from Dame Kelly Holmes and a zoom call with Linda Plant, The Apprentice’s Queen of Mean, and she was super nice! ”


“In true British fashion, businesses in the UK are incredibly coy about what they do, why they do it and why they matter. TechRound brings all of these businesses and startups into one place and tells the world about what they are doing and the stories behind them. We are passionate about startups and the immense success of the UK startup market, driving a truly Global Britain.”


Daniel Tannenbaum, Co-Founder commented

“TechRound was built upon the foundations to respond to everyone, providing a website that is easy-to-read, with non-invasive ads and free to read without subscription. Visit any other startup news site and you’ll notice the number of pop-ups and ads are overwhelming. We have found clever ways to monetise the site through affiliate channels, which is driven by almost 10 years in SEO and digital marketing – and we have an excellent team behind us too (meet the team here).


“TechRound is free to read, the layout is simple and you are not bombarded with pop-ups or ads”


Daniel Tannenbaum



“Surpassing the 200,000 monthly visitor mark earlier this year was a great milestone for us – and meant that people were understanding our philosophy. Many people have said that our top 50 and top 100 competitions and interviews have opened doors for them, since they needed somewhere to get their story out there.”

“One female entrepreneur got approached by PWC after seeing her piece on TechRound and now works with them across 35 offices worldwide. Another entrepreneur said that being featured on TechRound led to so many enquiries that it has given them a two-year head start on their targets. You never know who is reading and where it could take you.”


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