TechRound Tries: Something & Nothing

While Dry January is now behind us, many are becoming more conscious of the amount they drink, a poll by Alcohol Change UK revealing that one in four adults aim to cut their alcohol intake down throughout 2021.

However, it can be challenging to find sophisticated, adult, non-alcoholic alternatives. That’s where Something & Nothing comes in, offering flavourful, grown-up beverages in a variety of fantastic flavours.


What Is Something & Nothing?


Something & Nothing is a beverages company that have created three fantastic-tasting seltzers: Cucumber, Yuzu and Hibiscus & Rose.

All three of Something & Nothing’s seltzers have been awarded stars at the 2020 Great Taste Awards, the panel of judges from these awards including the likes of Kavi Thakrar, Anna Jones, Melissa Hemsley and José Pizarro.




Something & Nothing are on a mission to refresh not only their customers, but also the planet through, as the company themselves state, “inspiration, culture, shared values and experiences. We have been inspired by ideas, moments, experiences, culture and people in creating Something & Nothing. All of which helped to build our values and ethos as a company.”

Something & Nothing are continually identifying ways to reduce their footprint, being conscious of all consumption, and wanting to use their resources efficiently and ethically.

The company have partnered with the Glimpse collective, who create campaigns for the good of both the planet and society – raising more than £2.5 million for Help Refugees, and creating such impactful projects as The People’s Podium, Let Nature Sing and more. For every can of seltzer Something & Nothing sell, 1p is donated to the Glimpse foundation.


What We Thought…


With such a social conscience behind the company, alongside their artistic branding and highly-praised products, TechRound decided to try Something & Nothing’s seltzers.

Something & Nothing were kind enough to send us their taster pack selection, which included two of each of their three flavours – Cucumber, Yuzu and Hibiscus & Rose. The price for each of the packs available are as follows:

  • 6 Can Taster Pack: £12.75
  • 12 Can Pack: £19.75
  • 24 Can Pack: £32.17
  • 72 Can Go Large Pack: £89.75




All of the three flavours were refreshingly light and flavourful, each of their own unique tastes delicious yet not overpowering. This meant it was easy to drink one can after another – making the perfect alternative non-alcoholic beverage for evening drinks or social gatherings (whenever they’ll be allowed again…)

The Cucumber Seltzer fit Something & Nothing’s taste description perfectly, truly being like “a holiday in a can” with the soothingly cool flavour of the cucumber complimenting the light fizziness of the drink wonderfully.

The Hibiscus & Rose was delightfully sweet and floral, providing a unique botanical freshness. Whilst definitely the most unusual flavour of the bunch, this made for a memorable and welcome drinking experience.

We felt the Yuzu Seltzer had a slightly richer, deeper flavour to it compared to the cucumber and the Hibiscus & Rose, Something & Nothing describing it to have “deep citrus vibes […] like the sound a band would make if their members were a tangerine, grapefruit and a lemon…and you could actually taste sound.” Even without the powers of synaesthesia, we still felt the deep intensity to the flavour of the Yuzu Seltzer. However, as with all three of the flavours, while rich the drink was not overpowering, and still made for a refreshingly cool experience.

While the three seltzers work perfectly on their own, they’ve also been designed for multi-purpose use, and apparently work wonderfully well as a mixer for cocktails. Although we didn’t try this out ourselves, the cocktails Something & Nothing have create through collaborations with the likes of Camille Vidal (founder of La Maison Wellness) look deliciously light and simple to create.

Something & Nothing have also provided recommendations for alcohols that each flavour compliments – the cucumber seltzer working well with mezcal and a squeeze of lime, the Yuzu flavour pairing with vodka and a slice of pink grapefruit, and the Hibiscus & Rose with gin and rose petals.


A Dynamic, Modern, Adult Beverage


The Something & Nothing seltzers are the perfect modern adult beverage, dynamic in its offering both as a non-alcoholic alternative or as a mixer to enhance the flavour of alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

Overall, TechRound’s experience of Something & Nothing’s seltzers was refreshing, light and unique, and certainly not our last – excited to see how this innovative company progresses in 2021 and beyond.