TechRound’s Startup Of The Year: Have Your Say!

TechRound has been proud to champion over 50 startups as part of our Startup of The Week series in 2023. Every week, our team has the chance to spotlight a company making real change in its sector.

But this year, we wanted to do something a little different. Startup of The Week is predictably our most read and engaged with piece (on average) every week, and this year, it’s time to crown our Startup of The Year!!

Our team looked to the back-end of the site to reveal which 4 startups drew in the most attention, analysing their readership, time on the page and clicks, and 4 came out victorious.

Now we need your help!

We would love our readers to vote on which company deserves to be the Startup Of The Year through our Twitter page. Need a bit more help deciding? No problem. Here are our top 4…


1. Papercup


Papercup’s voice translation technology allows all of the world’s video to be watched in any language, using state of the art AI and machine learning technology.

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2. Choco

Choco is a leading digital platform connecting restaurants and food suppliers. Addressing global food waste, Choco helps reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain. Choco’s app streamlines ordering, eliminating mistakes, and saving time for both restaurants and suppliers.

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Founded in 2021, MAGIC is one of the UK’s first artificial intelligence (AI) personal trainers. MAGIC uses cutting-edge holographic technology to offer an immersive fitness experience.
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4. Peanut

Peanut is a social networking app designed specifically for mothers.Peanut aims to alleviate the isolation and challenges faced by mothers during their journey into motherhood. It provides a supportive community where mothers can connect, share experiences, and find companionship.
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