Top Medical Testing Startups For Personalised Health Insights

With people now more health-conscious than ever, medical testing startups are changing the way we approach our personal wellness.

All around the world companies in this sector are helping people get deeper insights into their health, optimising how they live their lives.

Here, we look at 10 medical testing startups that are redefining healthcare and helping people make more informed decisions about their bodies.


1. Thriva


Thriva logo


Thriva provides at-home blood tests that can give users insights into various health markers.

These markers include iron, cholesterol, vitamin D and others, which could all contribute to health imbalances at abnormal rates.

On a mission to empower people to proactively manage their health through information, Thriva gives users personalised reports and recommendations, making it easier to understand and act on their health data.


2. LetsGetChecked


LetsGetChecked Announces $30 Million in Series B Financing


LetsGetChecked offers a wide range of home testing kits, from sexual health to cholesterol and men and women’s wellness tests.  LetsGetChecked has a wide range of testing options.

Their service includes quick delivery, discreet packaging and quick results, making it easier to stay informed about personal health.


3. ZOE


ZOE - YouTube


ZOE takes nutrition to a new level with its research into the microbiome and metabolic responses to various foods.

Their home testing kit and blood tracker analyses your body’s reaction to different foods, providing insights that guide you towards a healthier diet.

Aside from these results, ZOE also provides tips, tricks and recipes to improve your gut health in an easy way.


4. Hertility Health


At-Home Hormone & Fertility Tests For Women | Hertility Health


Hertility Health offers at-home hormone and fertility testing through a small blood sample.

The company analyses hormones to look for potential issues around fertility.

Their services are not just about testing. They also provide a supportive community and expert guidance in every step of the process, allowing women to better understand their reproductive health.


5. Everlywell


Everlywell: Home Health Testing Made Easy


Based in the U.S., Everlywell is known for its huge range of home testing kits covering allergies, hormones, food sensitivity, sexual health and much more.

Their easy-to-use tests, coupled with clear, detailed results, make them a key player in the health testing     market.



6. Aware


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Aware helps people check, track and improve their wellbeing through their regular health checks.

With results appearing in the app within 2 working days, the company provides in-depth data around heart, liver and metabolic health, as well as vitamins.


7. Forth With Life


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Forth With Life offers blood tests that monitor a wide range of biomarkers across hormone, fertility, nutrition and more.

Their baseline test looks at 25 biomarkers and shares results within 2 working days, allowing for quick and efficient access to health metrics.


8. CanSense


CanSense – Innovation in cancer diagnostics


Specialising in early cancer detection, CanSense is developing non-invasive tests with high accuracy of detecting bowel cancer.

With invasive colonoscopies currently being the go-to test for bowel cancer, using a blood test provides an easier and less invasive way of testing.


9. MyTamin



MyTamin is a tailored vitamin subscription service, informed by blood tests.

After assessing your health needs through blood tests, they provide a personalised mix of vitamins to support your well-being, delivered directly to your door.

This allows people to have a less ‘scattergun’ approach to their wellbeing, ensuring they are giving their bodies exactly what they need.

10. Karius


Karius - Senior Director, Clinical Development


Based in the US, Karius is able to test for over 1,000 infectious diseases from a single blood sample.

Through genomics and AI, Karius is able to scan blood samples for a vast amount of pathogens that cause infections. This allows doctors to get more information from 1 test, instead of testing for each infection individually.