Top Startups In Chester To Keep An Eye On

Nestled within the historical walls of Chester lies a burgeoning ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. Though not a bustling metropolitan hub, this quaint city in the northwest of England is quietly cultivating a landscape ripe with promising startups poised to make waves in their respective industries.

In this article, we delve into the dynamic world of startups in Chester, unveiling a selection of companies that are capturing attention and challenging the status quo.


Oxbury Bank Plc



Meet Oxbury, the pioneering startup that stands as the UK’s sole specialist agricultural bank, devoted to serving British Farmers. Oxbury offers farmers tailored lending solutions necessary to maintain their operations, alongside providing savings accounts tailored to individuals, farm businesses, and those eager to support British agriculture.

With an unwavering dedication to understanding the difficulties of the agricultural sector, Oxbury engages with farmers daily, gaining invaluable insights into their challenges and needs. Leveraging this deep understanding coupled with a purpose-built technology platform, Oxbury streamlines the lending process, ensuring swift and well-informed credit decisions, freeing customers from administrative burdens.

Having already disbursed hundreds of millions of pounds in long-term loans and cashflow products, Oxbury has played a pivotal role in facilitating farmers’ investments in modernisation and expansion, thus fostering growth, efficiency, and sustainability within the industry.



Let’s kick off with MODA PR, an independent public relations agency committed to empowering innovative brands and exceptional talent. At MODA PR, each client enjoys a tailored experience with meticulously crafted, bespoke PR campaigns, drawing upon our extensive industry expertise and invaluable relationships. From brand activations to personalised profile building, its comprehensive services span brand consultancy, campaign management, and copywriting.

MODA PR excels in event management, orchestrating immersive experiences that captivate journalists and breathe life into your brand. Whether it’s a press brunch or a high-profile premiere, MODA PR seamlessly integrates with your team to bring your vision to fruition.

In talent PR, its strategic approach has propelled both established figures and rising stars to new heights, amplifying their presence and broadening their audience reach. As the platform itself implies, MODA PR is a results-driven team that gets the job done, with a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach that sets them apart.



Umbrella Marketing Team



Introducing Umbrella, your go-to for outsourced marketing solutions that go beyond the ordinary. With a fresh perspective on resourcing in marketing and digital services, just as its name suggests, Umbrella consolidates all your needs under one comprehensive umbrella.

Its vision? To provide unwavering support to your team, with a steadfast focus on your business, sparing you the hassle of recruitment while delivering top-notch digital experiences. After all, this pioneering platform is on a mission to redefine the industry. With a commitment to results-driven strategies, it offers tailored solutions for every need, coupled with boundless creativity and an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

Whether it is telemarketing, social media management, or web design and development you need, Umbrella delivers effective marketing solutions that yield tangible results for your organisation.





Meet AperiData, the driving force behind a credit scoring revolution. Leveraging the transformative potential of Open Banking, AperiData is reshaping the landscape of credit and lending processes, facilitating instant, responsible, and ethical decisions. Powered by intelligent AI algorithms, its products empower organisations to digitally serve customers with accuracy and in real-time, fostering fairer finance opportunities for all.

But AperiData doesn’t stop at conventional credit scoring. It offers a real-time perspective of consumer creditworthiness, drawing from a wealth of data that revolutionises credit assessment and lending practices.

What sets AperiData apart is its extensive global experience in credit risk management and data analytics spanning decades. This wealth of knowledge grants the platform a comprehensive understanding of client requirements and unrivalled insights into optimising services and processes through Open Banking initiatives. This approach ensures swift and efficient implementation of tailored solutions, perfectly aligning with each client’s unique needs.





Enter GoBubble, championing the transformative potential of emotion-based AI to forge a safer, more inclusive digital realm where online hate finds no harbour. Its Emotion AI content moderation does more than mere keyword scanning. By understanding the emotional context, GoBubble can accurately identify and, where necessary, mute hate speech, racism and toxic behaviour.

How does it work? If you operate a company intranet, utilise communication platforms like Slack or enable chat for your users, GoBubble Enterprise seamlessly integrates to shield your users, customers, and team from content that violates your community guidelines. Moreover, on social media platforms, GoBubble swiftly connects to your channels without any exchange of sensitive information, swiftly identifying, muting, and preventing the spread of toxic content.

With GoBubble, safeguard your followers and team, foster positive engagement, fortify your reputation, advance moderation and safeguarding objectives, promote mental well-being, and uphold legal and compliance standards.