Top Startups In Lancaster To Keep An Eye On

Lancaster is witnessing the rise of numerous startups poised to disrupt their industries and redefine the norms. From tech pioneers to socially conscious enterprises driving positive change, these startups represent the forefront of Lancaster’s entrepreneurial scene and offer a glimpse into the future of innovation in this historic city.

Join us as we explore the top startups in Lancaster to keep a watchful eye on, as they chart their course towards success and shape the destiny of tomorrow’s industries.





As the global population increases, cities grow to greater heights and densities and thus receive less sunlight and experience more wind at ground level. Acknowledging the necessity of local energy generation, O-INNOVATIONS recognises the need to harness these potent yet chaotic winds. Enter O-Wind – the first truly omnidirectional wind turbine, specifically crafted to address this challenge, making it an ideal fit for urban landscapes.

O-INNOVATIONS is pioneering the development of O-WIND, the first omnidirectional wind turbine able to harness clean energy from winds from every compass direction. But how does it work?

The O-WIND leverages updrafts and downdrafts for seamless, uninterrupted operation. Better yet, it’s free from the risks associated with bladed turbines, ensuring it is bird-friendly, silent and has no flickering effect. Moreover, its streamlined design facilitates makes for straightforward maintenance with minimal pedestrian disruption. These turbines also serve as a communal focal point, offering charging facilities and providing WiFi connectivity. Through such amenities, individuals can learn more about wider sustainability projects and discover actionable steps toward environmental stewardship.


LiNa Energy

LiNa Energy is spearheading the energy sector’s transition to Net Zero with its pioneering, eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Leading the charge to develop and commercialise low-cost solid-state sodium batteries, LiNa Energy innovates with a focus on renewable energy storage solutions.

Backed by extensive research, rigorous testing, and independent validation, LiNa Energy’s product is engineered with large-scale manufacturing capabilities in mind. Its sustainability is rooted in the absence of cobalt and lithium, ensuring transparent and ethically sourced supply chains using locally available materials and domestic production facilities. Furthermore, leveraging abundant raw materials enables LiNa to produce cells for under $50 per kilowatt-hour, halving the current cost of lithium-ion batteries.

Under the guidance of a seasoned team with expertise in commercial operations, product development, and the energy sector, LiNa Energy is admirable for its steadfast commitment to achieving its mission: accelerating the journey of the energy and industrial sectors toward Net Zero.






Leading the charge in the electric vehicle (EV) charging arena is Fuuse – the dynamic operating system for EV chargers, empowering hardware to adapt to the evolving needs of organisations and their EV drivers.

With its user-friendly interface and innovative functionalities, Fuuse equips both private and public sectors with the tools necessary to optimise their EV charging infrastructure. From energy conservation and cost reduction to seamless issue resolution and revenue generation from charging networks, Fuuse offers a comprehensive solution through a single, centralised back-office system.

Compatible with any OCPP chargers, Fuuse is the ultimate flexible charge point management platform, designed to help you maximise the value of your chargers. Scalable across various environments, Fuuse EV charging solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of you, your clients and your drivers.


Entrust Microgrid

Global leader Entrust Microgrid is pioneering patented technology for smart AC and DC networked microgrids. At the forefront of worldwide development, Entrust pioneers smart microgrid solutions that operate with unparalleled efficiency, maximising returns on investment for solar PV, battery storage, and other renewable energy installations.

With its groundbreaking approach, Entrust offers a solution that seamlessly integrates various energy demands such as EV charging, heat pumps, and hot water heating, all with optimal efficiency through the DC network. This innovative solution consistently delivers savings of at least 10% compared to conventional microgrids and solar PV setups. What’s more, Entrust’s technology also powers the AC network, ensuring effortless installation with automatic, intelligent control, guaranteeing the utilisation of the most cost-effective and efficient electricity sources.

As seasoned microgrid specialists, Entrust Microgrid provides “plug and play” smart microgrid systems tailored for both residential and commercial use. Additionally, it specialises in designing bespoke microgrid designs and supply solutions for businesses and commercial entities seeking to slash energy expenses while advancing their environmental commitments.


Quantum Base



At the forefront of Quantum Security, Quantum Base stands as a global leader driven by a commitment to excellence in quantum scientific exploration and addressing pressing global security concerns. This platform excels in inventing, designing, and manufacturing mass-produced quantum security solutions and devices at the nanoscale. Unlike traditional methods reliant on mathematical complexity, Quantum Base’s solutions leverage the principles of quantum mechanics, ensuring the absolute security of digital information.

Quantum Base delivers straightforward, adaptable, and scalable quantum security devices that seamlessly integrate onto any surface or within electronic devices. Their mission is to empower governments, national, global businesses and individuals with the assurance of 100% secure data solutions, ensuring the integrity of every product they manufacture, sell, or purchase.

Already boasting features in Forbes, BBC and Wired, Quantum Base leads the charge in the Quantum Security realm, offering 100% unbreakable quantum product authentication. By securing global brands and championing global data integrity, Quantum Base is revolutionising the landscape of security and authentication.