Top 10 Startups In Newcastle To Keep An Eye On

Newcastle has long been a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, and the stage is set for a new wave of startups to carry forward this storied legacy. From tech pioneers revolutionising the digital landscape to visionary leaders redefining traditional sectors, Newcastle’s startup scene is brimming with promise and potential.

Join us as we spotlight some startups that are already capturing attention, driving innovation, and charting new paths. Together, let’s uncover why these are the ventures to watch in Newcastle’s ever-evolving entrepreneurial terrain.


1. InvenireX



Kicking off with InvenireX, a groundbreaking platform at the forefront of scientific innovation. By seamlessly integrating advanced AI algorithms with cutting-edge Nanites, InvenireX achieves unparalleled precision and sensitivity in detecting and quantifying individual molecules. Its real-time, ultra-sensitive nucleic acid detection instrumentation empowers scientists to accelerate life sciences research and opens doors to several applications, including early disease detection.

What sets InvenireX apart is its AI-driven approach, which not only expedites scientific breakthroughs but also fosters transformative advancements in personalised medicine, diagnostics, and environmental monitoring. By harnessing the potential of single-molecule detection, InvenireX empowers researchers, clinicians, and innovators to push the boundaries of what’s achievable.

Driven by a vision to revolutionise molecular analysis, propel scientific progress, and usher in a new era of innovation, InvenireX stands at the forefront of reshaping industries, improving human lives, and pioneering the future of single-molecule detection.


2. PulmoBioMed Ltd.

PulmoBiomed is dedicated to equipping clinicians and researchers with a new method for sampling fluids from the deep lung, entirely non-invasively and contamination-free. By offering an alternative to invasive techniques and circumventing the risk of contamination, PulmoBiomed’s solution represents a significant advancement in respiratory diagnostics.

At the forefront of their product lineup is PBM-HALE, a passive fluid aerosol sampler designed to segregate exhaled and environmental particles based on size. This product demonstrates PulmoBiomed’s commitment to commercialising cutting-edge exhaled breath condensate and aerosol sampling technology and highlights how its technology addresses critical challenges such as mitigating sample contamination risks, minimising sample loss, and delivering exceptionally reproducible data with digital molecular precision.

Looking ahead, PulmoBiomed envisions pioneering the development of the first handheld biomolecular analyser tailored for medical, veterinary, well-being, and environmental applications. Their mission is clear: to seamlessly deliver molecular diagnostic-grade health insights from the lips of patients directly to their hands, revolutionising the landscape of respiratory health monitoring.


3. MarraBio



MarraBio designs, engineers, and constructs bacterial protein polymers imbued with essential biological messages necessary for optimal cell growth, division, and function. Recognising the critical need to supply cells grown on an industrial scale – whether for research, agriculture, or therapeutic purposes – with precisely the right signals, MarraBio offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution in a single, user-friendly material.

At the heart of MarraBio’s mission is the revolutionary approach to providing bioactive cues to cells on an industrial scale, achieved through the utilisation of engineered, multifunctional, and remarkably cost-effective materials – all without compromising on quality. Their vision extends across a spectrum of applications, ranging from research consumables to the manufacturing of cultivated meat and cell therapies, promising innovative solutions that propel advancements in various fields.


4. iPac Packaging Innovations


iPac Packaging Innovations


Fueled by a deep-seated commitment to sustainable packaging solutions, iPac seamlessly merges design creativity with extensive expertise in thermoforming manufacturing. Their mission? To tackle packaging challenges head-on with innovation and sustainability at the forefront.

With a wealth of experience in thermoformed packaging design and production, iPac stands as a market leader in the food packaging industry. Setting benchmarks for industry quality and backed by accreditation from leading global brands and consumer protection schemes, iPac delivers top-quality packaging solutions that wed innovation with volume-driven efficiency gains, all while prioritising the reduction of plastic usage.

iPac’s forward-thinking approach to plastic packaging is reshaping the industry landscape. Collaborating closely with clients to meet sustainability objectives, iPac optimises recycled content and enhances product recyclability. Additionally, their commitment extends to numerous sustainability-focused research and development projects, ensuring that iPac remains at the forefront of creating sustainable packaging solutions for both the present and the future.


5. GlycanAge



Enter GlycanAge, a groundbreaking tool that not only measures your current health status but also predicts your future well-being. Why is this so essential? Because our modern lifestyle has drastically changed the way we live and, for better or for worse, we must gain a complete picture of the current state of our health. In this pursuit, science has shed light on a crucial factor that has long been overlooked: biological age.

While chronological ageing is inevitable, biological age reflects the impact of health and lifestyle choices on our overall well-being. Surprisingly, biological age doesn’t always align with chronological age. Genetics account for only about 54% of biological ageing, leaving a significant 46% influenced by environmental factors.

GlycanAge offers a simple yet revolutionary test that delves into your glycobiology, providing invaluable insights into your biological age. By undergoing a GlycanAge® test, you gain a vital tool for enhancing your health. Your test results not only offer an accurate assessment of your current health status but also empower you to make informed decisions regarding lifestyle choices and changes, ultimately enabling you to take charge of your well-being.



6. ScubaTx Limited



Despite advancements in organ transplant therapy, the full clinical and financial benefits have yet to be fully realized. While advanced organ preservation systems have entered the market, they are often bulky and expensive. Consequently, in many countries, the practice of storing recovered organs in ice boxes remains, leaving healthcare providers seeking a cost-effective and efficient solution for extended organ preservation. Enter ScubaTx™.

ScubaTx™ introduces a revolutionary approach to organ preservation by leveraging cutting-edge software design expertise to commercialise the Persufflation technique, a proven yet underused method. By doing so, ScubaTx™ aims to deliver substantial cost savings to healthcare providers, addressing real-world financial and resource constraints while expanding the availability of life-saving organs worldwide.

With a foundation built upon years of extensive research and substantial investment, ScubaTx™ boasts an experienced management team supported by a global network of clinical, commercial, and academic collaborators. The platform is thus poised to redefine organ preservation, ushering in a new era of accessibility and efficacy in transplantation medicine.


7. CellRev



CellRev is at the forefront of providing revolutionary solutions for cost-effective and scalable cell culture. Their innovative offerings cater to developers of cell-based vaccines, therapies, and drugs, aiming to streamline manufacturing processes and enhance efficiency.

Powered by application-specific intellectual property (IP), CellRev’s products target critical bottlenecks in cell culture protocols, such as aggregation, clumping, cell detachment, and process translatability. By addressing these challenges, CellRev empowers its customers to seamlessly transition breakthrough treatments from discovery to large-scale manufacturing.

In addition to their portfolio of media additives, which drive productivity and cost improvements in various bioprocesses, CellRev introduces the Livit ACE, a pioneering continuous processing platform tailored for adherent cells. The development of this platform marks a significant milestone in adherent cell processing, offering unparalleled advancements in efficiency and performance.

Whether clients are devising new processes or seeking enhancements to existing ones, CellRev stands ready to provide tailored support, ensuring optimal outcomes and accelerating advancements in cell-based therapies and biomanufacturing.


8. Hitmarker



Hitmarker stands as the premium gaming and esports jobs platform globally, offering an unparalleled array of candidates and opportunities. Already trusted by industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, Hitmarker provides a seamless hiring solution within the gaming sector.

Through the Hitmarker platform, access a vast pool of industry professionals and recruit alongside the most renowned brands in gaming and esports. With prominent features including a 28-day presence on our dynamic jobs feed, targeted job alert emails, and immediate indexing on Google Jobs, Hitmarker ensures that you connect with the ideal candidate for your needs efficiently and effectively.


9. Aircards



Aircards is a global production studio devoted to the art of immersive storytelling, forging meaningful connections between brands and consumers. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences, Aircards has already gained a reputation for its award-winning campaigns crafted for a diverse range of clients and partners worldwide.

As technology and user behaviours continue to evolve, so does Aircards. This forward-thinking studio leverages cutting-edge immersive and 3D technology frameworks to create captivating experiences. With a team of seasoned experts in immersive technology, Aircards is poised to drive innovation at scale, delivering tangible value to its clients.

Spanning across a myriad of technology and gaming platforms – including WebAR/VR, Snapchat, TikTok, Meta, ARCore, ARkit, VisionOS, Unreal Engine, Unity, Fortnite, Roblox, and more – Aircards remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing the envelope of immersive storytelling. With a track record of success, Aircards remains dedicated to pioneering new frontiers in the realm of immersive experiences.


10. Krellian



Krellian is on a mission to elevate the intelligence, safety, and sustainability of buildings. Tired of wasting resources on underutilised and inefficient structures? Enter Krellian’s smart building technology, designed to optimise space utilization and slash energy consumption. By partnering with Krellian, facilities managers can not only achieve their net-zero targets but also realise significant cost savings.

Central to Krellian’s offerings is the Krellian hub, a revolutionary platform that consolidates multi-vendor building management systems into a standardised interface. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in with its extensible add-on system and open standards-based API. Enjoy uninterrupted operation with 24/7 reliability, even during internet outages, along with secure automatic software updates and containerized security for peace of mind.

Furthermore, Krellian’s Cloud empowers users to access real-time data analytics for buildings, allowing them to model usage patterns and pinpoint optimization opportunities. With Krellian, expect enhanced space utilisation, reduced energy consumption, and elevated levels of safety and comfort throughout your buildings.