Top Startups In Portsmouth To Keep An Eye On

Nestled along the southern coast of England, Portsmouth has burgeoned into much more than a historical seaside spot and, upon looking beyond its rich maritime heritage to today’s dynamic startup scene, one finds several innovative initiatives quietly reshaping industries.

While these companies may have now branched out beyond Portsmouth’s shores, let’s take a look at some of the most promising ventures that have been capturing attention and driving change.





Let’s kick things off with toob, a startup revolutionising internet access across the South of England with its next-generation full-fibre broadband services. With a commitment to world-class connectivity, toob is on a mission to bridge the digital divide by deploying a cutting-edge fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network accessible to all.

Gone are the days of sluggish connections and unreliable speeds. Customers tapping into toob’s full-fibre network experience symmetrical speeds of up to 900 Mbps, ensuring seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences.

But toob’s ambitions extend far beyond its initial rollout. With plans to connect over a million homes to its network within the next decade, toob is poised to transform the digital landscape of the South of England, bringing faster and more reliable broadband to even more residents.





Let’s dive into the world of LMSUK, an award-winning social media management platform tailored specifically for musicians. Renowned for its top-tier marketing services, LMSUK specialises in connecting musicians with their audiences, driving listener engagement, and fostering social media growth for the next generation of full-time artists.

Born out of a recognition of the challenges facing local musicians in accessing professional support, LMSUK has emerged as a beacon of innovation within the music industry. Through investments in cutting-edge equipment and systems, it has levelled the playing field, offering local artists the same opportunities enjoyed by their more established counterparts. Moreover, beyond its role as a leading social media agency, LMSUK also stands as a prominent national music promoter, championing music events and concerts across the UK.

At the heart of its operations lies a dedicated team of industry professionals committed to empowering musicians to achieve their goals. LMSUK understands that each artist is unique, which is why it prioritises personalised and targeted services tailored to their specific needs. By providing such support, LMSUK opens doors for local talent on a global scale, facilitating increased exposure and the expansion of fan bases for artists worldwide.



Dark Cosmos Creative



Enter Dark Cosmos Creative (DCC), a stellar crew of seasoned visual effects (VFX) professionals who have pooled their talents to provide the calibre of a top-tier VFX facility, coupled with the dynamic culture and creativity of a boutique studio on the scenic South Coast of the UK.

Nestled amidst the sea and rich history, DCC cultivates a vibrant and adaptable workspace, fueled by the burgeoning talent emerging from the University of Portsmouth and the surrounding VFX industry. Here, its artists are empowered and inspired to unleash their creativity and innovation.

At DCC, client satisfaction is paramount. The platform prides itself on swiftly grasping its clients’ needs and fostering collaboration throughout the creative journey to deliver groundbreaking solutions that exceed expectations.

With an impressive portfolio boasting collaborations with esteemed entities like the BBC, FX, University of Portsmouth, Qatar Airways, Lipsync and more, DCC warmly welcomes both seasoned professionals and emerging talents into its unique culture of excellence and individual mentorship.





Looking to establish and maintain customer trust seamlessly? Look no further than Consentua, the ultimate solution. As a Universal Consent Management System, Consentua offers simplicity, compliance, and added value to your business operations. With this platform, ensure seamless adherence to regulations and optimise your data management with its enterprise-grade Consent Management System.

Consentua goes beyond mere GDPR compliance, setting a new standard for customer expectations in the digital marketplace. Empowering customers with control, it fosters enduring, trusted relationships while aiding in surpassing GDPR and ePrivacy regulations, leveraging consent as a strategic business advantage.

Already trusted by a range of organisations, Consentua allows you to capture consent throughout the customer journey as needed. Whether utilising existing interactions or customising with its SDK for new ones, real-time data processing and robust API integration ensure seamless alignment with your operations software. Demonstrate compliance both internally and externally while pinpointing areas for operational enhancement thanks to Consentua.





Tangle understands that pet owners often share a deep appreciation for the natural world. Harnessing this shared concern, Tangle embarks on a dual mission: caring for our beloved furry friends while preserving marine life by combating the spread of ghost nets. Enter Tangle, pioneering sustainable dog products crafted from recycled fishing nets.

But how does it all come together? Fishers partner with Tangle to exchange their retired nets at ports, reducing the risk of these nets being discarded at sea. Once collected, these end-of-life nets undergo sorting and processing at designated recycling facilities. After being washed, shredded, and transformed into 100% recycled green pellets, the material is primed for crafting new pet products.

At Tangle, its commitment to sustainability is paramount. The platform prioritises quality and environmental consciousness throughout its production process, employing low-impact moulds and maximising the use of green energy. Each Tangle product boasts its own unique colour and size variations, reflecting its unique production approach and the diverse origins of the recycled nets.

Rooted in a passion for ocean conservation, Tangle was born from a collective desire to combat ghost nets and their detrimental impact. While its operations have expanded to London, its origins in Portsmouth serve as a testament to the innovative spirit thriving in this coastal community.