Top SurfTech Startups

When you think of surfing, you might think of Bondi Beach, Hawaii or the Mexican coastline.

But there are many incredibly beautiful beaches in the UK, with the sport becoming more popular with Brits nationwide.


How Popular Is Surfing In The UK?


Surfing has gained in popularity in recent years. Back in 2021, Lifestyle Daily reported that surfing was named the most common action sport in the UK, accounting for over a quarter of all UK-based activities researched.

According to Dossier in 2023, 189,000 people had participated in activities such as surfing, body surfing, bodyboarding, and kite surfing in the UK in recent years, showing the vast number of people engaging with the sport.

In fact, surfing has gained so much popularity, that it is set to be part of the Paris 2024 Olympics. Having only been featured once before, this could help boost the sport across Europe.

Speaking to Elle Magazine about this rise, Nick Hounsfield, Founder at The Wave and Surf England director commented “We know there is an “Olympic effect”, especially for new or guest sports, with interest rising around the Games taking place. We currently welcome around 70,000 individual surfers a year, but I expect to see an increased appetite for people wanting to learn to surf on the back of the Games this year”.


Where Are The UK’s Surfing Hotspots?


The UK is home to thousands of miles of coastline, with many beaches becoming famous for surfing enthusiasts. Particularly popular areas include Cornwall and Devon, as well as Wales.

Beaches like Fistral Beach, Polzeath, Porthlevel, Croyde, Woolacombe and famous amongst those looking to enjoy wave riding.

For those able to brave the cold, Scottish hotspots like the Hebrides are also drawing in surf lovers – though wearing a wetsuit for thermal protection is advised.


Surfing Startups


Given the rise in popularity around surfing, its no surprise that startups are popping up to serve this growing community all over the world.

Let’s take a look at some of them…




Predn Surf Co.


Predn Surf Co


Predn is on a mission to make surfing more sustainable with its custom surfboards. The company focuses on making boards that do not affect performance, but do have a less negative environmental impact than other options.

Using wood, flax and cork, and powered by 100% renewable energy for production, the company is working towards creating eco-friendly boards that still perform as well as traditional options.


Surfpreneurs Club


Surfpreneurs Club | LinkedIn


The Surfpreneurs Club is at the forefront of building a global community of entrepreneurs in the surfing space.

By connecting over 700 members, users are able to work with others and build partnerships to progress their businesses.





The Surfland app allows surfers to track weather, purchase equipment and find other people in the community.

Not only that, the app allows surfing lovers to find the best spots to explore and find the best hotspots, helping them plan the perfect trip.





Hailing from Brazil, Surfmappers allows enthusiasts to find and share surfing images.

Photographers can use the site as a marketplace to sell their images, and surfers can buy top photos for personal use. Not only that, surfers can also explore photos of top hotspots, helping them plan their upcoming trips.


JUC Surf


JUC Surf


Based in Australia, JUC Surf is developing recycled carbon fibre surfboards, made from materials that will have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Focused on creating recyclable, high-performance boards, the company is helping people be more sustainable in their surf board choices.




Surfline - Wikipedia


Not a startup, but definitely a useful tool, Surfline provides live surf reports and weather tracking across the US.

The company also provides photography, videography and articles around surfing, making it the perfect app for any wave-riding enthusiast.