Top UK Crisps Startups Leading A New Wave Of Snacks

Crisps. The beloved snack is a UK favourite, and a study conducted by Wonder shows that the weekly purchase of crisps and potato-based snacks amounted to 66 grams per person in 2022.

In fact, the UK receives a third-place medal for crisps consumption globally, with the US in first place and France in second.

Here, we take a look at how innovative UK startups are stepping into the snack space and transforming it with their uniquely flavourful crisps.


How Did The Potato Become A Crisp?


Potatoes originate from the highlands of Andes in South America, and was introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century by Spanish Conquistadors. Potatoes were initially popular in Spain because it was a cheap food source for the poor, and it was not a widely appreciated vegetable until decades later.

The first recipe for crisps was observed an a cookbook by William Kitchiner, which was published in 1817. Nearly a hundred years later, crisps were commercially produced in 1910 in America by the Mikesell’s Potato Chip Company, and shortly after in London in 1920 by The Smiths company.

The Smiths company was the first to add seasoning to their crisps, resembling the thin, crispy snack we know and love today.


What Are The Most Popular Crisps In The UK?


According to a survey conducted by Perspectus Global, Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps is the nation’s favourite crisp. This comes as no surprise as One Pound Crisps also reported that the UK’s most popular crisps brands are indeed Walkers and KP Snacks.


What Are The Most Popular Crisps Flavours?

Walkers popularity is evident as another study published April 2022 by The Daily Telegraph indicated that the most popular flavours among Britons were Walkers Cheese and Onion, followed by Beef Monster Munch, Walkers Salt and Vinegar and Pringles Original flavour.


UK Based Crisps Startups


These clever crisp startups are taking new approaches to an old favourite snack. By opting for ingredients other than potatoes and taking measures reduce their carbon footprint, these startups are leading the way for a new wave of munchies.


The British Crisp Co



The British Crisp Co uses exclusively British potatoes on a renewable energy powered farm to make their crisps.

They take a classic crisp approach with a signature crunch and strong flavours, but The British Crisp Co is serious about sustainability.Their crisps are also packaged in fully recyclable bags.

They prioritise supporting independent businesses, and their crisp range can be ordered online or enjoyed at some of Britain’s best pubs, hotels, restaurants or cafes.


Simply Roasted




Simply Roasted triple cooks their crisps and roasts their crisps rather than frying them in oil. Their ovens are patented, making their crisps unique to any others on the market.

They also use the highest grade British potatoes and have a range of interesting a flavours, such as sea salt and cider vinegar, black truffle and duck and hoisin.




Monarchs Crisps make diabetic friendly, high-protein, oven bakes crisps from mature British Cheddar cheese. Their crisps are also keto friendly and they use certified organic spices to flavour these snacks.

They aim to be a carbon neutral company, and they reduce their carbon footprint by utilising recyclable packaging and waste-minimising processes.






Gusto air dries wonky fruit into crispy snacks, tackling food waste as they use edible fruit that have been rejected due to their aesthetic appearance (shape, size or colour).

Gusto makes these crispy, low calorie snacks with their natural flavours and use no added sugar.