Startups Revolutionising Beer

Beer. This golden foaming beverage is loved globally, especially by Europe. In fact, Vinepair reported that the Czech Republic takes the top spot for beer consumption globally, with Austria and Poland taking second and third place.

Beer is no stranger to transformation, and the popular beverage has been revolutionised throughout the years thanks to tech innovations in breweries.


What Role Does Tech Play In Modern Brewing?


Technological advancements in breweries have transformed the beer industry, and has contributed to improved efficiency in breweries and better customer experiences. Thanks to these advancements, beer can also be brewed with better predictability and consistent quality.

Let’s explore how technology has improved beer brewing:


Automation And Advanced Machinery

Automation and advanced machinery allow breweries to streamline their processes, such as storing grain and beer, boiling, steeping, and fermenting grain. This ensures consistency in batches and minimises the risk of human error.

Machines also simplify processes that are traditionally tedious. For example, there are mash filters available that use pneumatics to extract the liquid wort from grains, which is a fast and efficient process.


Self-Pouring Systems And Smart Flights

Self-pouring beer systems allow customers to pour themselves a drink, reducing the costs and wait times associated with service.

Smart Flight paddles allows customers to sample different types of beer, promoting social sharing. Modern smart paddles even come equipped with waterproof touchscreens.

These interactive technologies elevate the customer experience and help make special moments unforgettable.


AI And IoT Advancements

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) have completely changed the way beer is advertised and tested for quality. These technologies help track constructive feedback from customers, issues that arise during bottling and distribution channels.


Startups Revolutionising Beer


Startups have stepped up to transform beer in the best ways. These startups are innovating in different fields, such as biomaterials, distribution and machinery, all creating a legacy extends beyond the brewery.

Here, we take a look at innovative startups that are making big waves for the love of beer.


Arda Biomaterials




Arda Biomaterials transforms the spent grain used in beer production into circular leather-like material.

Their material can be customised to imitate different leather textures, and the material is naturally dark to resemble the colours of natural leather without using any dyes.






The Gydo App lets its users share a drink with a friend, no matter how far. Users are able to buy their friends at venues around the world.

No matter the occasion – like a job promotion or missed birthday – friends can give each other what they want most: a drink at their favourite bar.






Pubinno offers innovative systems that help businesses make more money selling beer.

Their Smart Tap won the world’s best beverage technology innovation award in 2023, and their app offers businesses powerful insights and analytics so that they can maximise their draft programs.






EeBria is an online drinks distributor that connects people with the best drinks and beer in the world through its marketplace platform.

Users can easily buy and sell their beverages and EeBria takes care of the complicated logistics.






Beer52 is a craft beer subscription club that allows users to discover small batch brews, wines, and tasty artisan snacks.

Their craft beers are sourced from different countries and members can earn points and rewards by rating their experience.






Untappd is an app that allows users to explore nearby bars, breweries and beers to find brews they will love.

Users can log the beers they’ve tried in the Beer Journal to keep track of their favourites and the Untappd app also recommends local beers so users can try new brews.