University of Westminster – Successful Alumni who Founded Startups

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Chris Bone – Modulous


chris bone


Modulous is a construction technology company that has created a scalable model to enable the delivery of safe, sustainable, and affordable homes anywhere in the world. The firm was founded in the UK in 2018 by a group of building industry and technology professionals led by CEO Chris Bone, who has over 25 years’ experience of both consulting and contracting within the construction industry, having studied at the University of Westminster.

Modulous has developed software that can deliver highly engineered design solutions, detailed cost information and accurate programmes at concept stage. This is possible because the generative design software is based on a proprietary ‘Kit of Parts’: a series of engineered sub-assemblies designed by Modulous and manufactured by an established supply chain. These are brought together to create volumetric modules with no need for dedicated factories.

In practice, a Modulous software user inputs their brief requirements, including the affordability and performance criteria of the development, into the tool. The software then accesses all geophysical site information and planning constraints to generate a series of options in real time. Because designs are based on the Kit of Parts, accurate cost and programme information is available upfront, enabling the rapid appraisal of schemes and sites. And the platform incorporates a rules-based approach to ensure best-in-class sustainability standards.

Modulous aligns the interests of key stakeholders in the construction process by partnering with developers and architects around the digital platform, and partnering with world-class supply chain partners to manufacture and transport the Kit of Parts, and then by licensing this Kit to the general contractors who deliver projects on site.

Following a capital raise of £5m from a trio of global VC firms – Blackhorn Ventures, CEMEX Ventures and GroundBreak Ventures – Modulous has recently expanded into the US.


Aaron Wallace – Aaron Wallace


aaron wallace


Aaron Wallace is a South London entrepreneur who went from hosting events at the Houses of Parliament with his previous company, to opening his own barbershop in 2014 in the heart of Croydon in South London. Following the success of his shop Aaron went on to launch a natural hair and beard care range for black men, after noticing a clear gap in the market.

The Aaron Wallace haircare range originally launched in 2016 from the Shear and Shine Barbershop in South London. During his time as a barber, Aaron saw first hand the challenges faced by his clientele when it came to having access to good quality products that would solve their hair and skin care problems.

As a black man, Aaron could personally relate to their frustrations and decided to do something about it. He sat down with various black men and asked key questions that would allow his team to form a deeper and more complex understanding of what black men actually need. They spent the next two years working alongside formulation experts and manufacturers to develop and test products that would actually work to improve afro hair and skin, without the use of any toxic ingredients. Their key ingredients of Black Seed Oil and Mango Butter are rich in much needed nutrients that work to combat dryness, reduce breakage, protect against environmentally caused damage and encourage healthier hair growth.

The entire Aaron Wallace range is now available to buy from Sainsbury’s, ASOS, Liberty London, Saks Fifth Avenue, Zalando, Debenhams and direct via

Aaron’s successes have not been unnoticed and has lead to recognition by the likes of Forbes, AskMen, Blavity and BET as a trailblazer in the hair care industry, and has gotten his brand launched in Sainsbury’s, ASOS, Liberty London, Debenhams, Saks Fifth Avenue and Zalando.


If there is someone you would like to add to the list, please email us directly.