What Is Biohacking? And How Are Startups Innovating The Sector?

If you’re into health and wellness, you might have heard the term ‘biohacking‘ – a movement designed to optimise human performance, health, and wellbeing through tech.

Whilst biohacking has been around since the early 2000s, the term recently gathered mainstream attention when Bryan Johnson, Founder at the Blueprint regime, told the world he is trying to reverse his age. Johnson talked about how he has over 30 healthcare professionals trying to help him ‘cheat death’.

But where Bryan Johnson is a more extreme example, generally, biohackers look at optimising their health through a variety of routes, whether it’s lifestyle, diet, sleep or general self-experimentation. The ultimate goal of biohacking is to make your body feel and function better.


Does Biohacking Work?


Whilst it’s hard to say exactly how effective biohacking is, many companies promoting their methods are backed up by scientific research. Whilst it can never be a bad thing to improve diet, exercise and sleep, the benefits of invasive techniques, such as implanting devices remain controversial.

However, undoubtedly, biohacking has become a major trend. According to The Business Research company, the biohacking market size will grow from $29.42 billion in 2023 to $36.41 billion in 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.7%.

With an audience growing year on year, it’s no wonder that startups all over the world are trying to get in on the action.

Here, we look at 10 startups in the biohacking realm, each designed to help people live their best lives:


1. Lumosity: Brain Training


Lumosity: Brain Training - Apps on Google Play


Lumosity is a brain training programme that is designed to improve a whole range of cognitive functions.

Offering a range of games, Lumosity helps people develop their memory, processing speed and problem solving.

With over 100Mil members in 14 years, Lumosity’s app caters to individual ages and skill levels, meaning it can adapt to each individual user and help them exercise their brain.

2. Sleep Cycle: Optimised Sleep


Sleep Cycle Releases Sleep Training Designed to Improve Sleep in 14 Days | Business Wire


Sleep Cycle is changing the way people understand and improve their sleep.

With its advanced sleep tracking technology, Sleep Cycle analyses your sleep patterns, waking you up at your lightest sleep phase to ensure you start your day feeling refreshed.

Not only does it offers insights into sleep quality, it also and provides users with recommendations to help them achieve better sleep health.


3. VITL Supplements: Personalised Supplements


VITL Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of vitl.com


At the forefront of personalised nutrition, VITL offers tailor-made supplements and at-home nutrition tests.

Understanding that nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, VITL customises its products based on individual health profiles and needs.

Through their online consultation and at-home tests, users receive advice, supplements and personal data to help them optimise their lifestyle.


4. Lumen: Metabolism Monitoring


Lumen Releases First-Of-Its-Kind At Home Metabolism Tracking Device, now available in the UK | Business Wire


Lumen introduces a new way to monitor metabolism in real-time.

With its unique breath analytics device, Lumen provides instant feedback on your metabolic state, allowing for personalised nutrition and fitness plans. This allows users to plan what they eat and when, to ensure they burn off and use as much as possible.

With its portable device and easy to use app, Lumen is a game-changer for those looking to lose weight, optimise performance, or improve metabolic health.


5. Nourished Vitamins: Nutrients Personal To You


Nourished | Nourished Personalised Gummy Vitamins


Nourished Vitamins takes personalisation in nutrition to the next level with its 3D-printed vitamin stacks.

Customised to each person’s individual health goals and needs, Nourished Vitamins develops a tablet that ensures each person gets the exact vitamins they require to hit their health goals.


6. Nutrisense: Glucose Monitoring


How Nutrisense grew its social media community by over 400% with help from Sprout Social | Sprout Social


Nutrisense uses Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology to provide real-time insights into how food affects your body.

By understanding what foods spike their glucose levels, users can make informed decisions about diet and lifestyle.

By combining their device with professional nutritionists, Nutrisense’s devices can help with meal timing, sleep improvement and boosting energy for physical activities.


7. Youniq Health: Precision Nutrition


Personalized Nutrition | Youniq Health


Youniq Health is a precision nutrition app that tailors recipes to your health goals, which can be prepared in under 20 minutes. After selecting the recipes a user wants, Youniq arranges for the ingredients to be delivered straight to their door.

Goals include weight loss, immunity boosting, athletic performance as well as dealing with a number of health conditions.

Not only is it a great tool for those looking to eat healthily, it also saves time, making personalised nutrition accessible and practical.


8. Zero: Fast Tracking


Zero - Intermittent Fasting - Apps on Google Play


Created by entrepreneur and investor Kevin Rose and used by Elon Musk, Zero is an app that helps track fasting schedules.

Currently only available on iOS, it has already helped lots of people lose weight and boost their metabolism.

Although currently exclusive to iOS, its popularity shows the rising trend of fasting as a tool for health optimisation.


9. Noula: Hormonal Health Insights


Noula Branding and Packaging Design :: Behance


Noula is an app that allows users to track their hormone health from home. With their personalised test kit, Noula measures 9 key biomarkers.

From there, the data is converted into an AI-driven plan, offering solutions for symptoms like hair loss, low libido, and irregular periods.

Through regular testing, users can build a long-term picture of their health to see their improvements over time.


10. Inner Balance: Stress Management


Inner Balance™ - Apps on Google Play


Inner Balance is a sensor that attaches to any phone designed to track stress management through earlobe heart monitoring.

By tracking heart rate and stress levels, it guides users through stress reduction methods, improving mental clarity, reducing fatigue, and calming reactive emotions.

It’s an great tool for anyone looking to biohack their way to better stress management and overall well-being.