Which Startup Would Represent a Country in Euro 2020?

Right now there are only two things going on in the TechRound office – startups and Euro 2020.

So it only seems natural to combine the two. We started throwing ideas around the office of which startup would be which country and why and here are our results!


Cazoo – France

Cazoo are the ones to watch in the tournament. They have the big names, they are making headlines and the competition is for theirs to win – or indeed lose? Will they deliver??





Hopin – England

England are definitely Hopin, because we are all ‘hop-ing’ for their success! Hopin in reality are probably a lot more successful than England in startup terms!


Hopin Logo





Monzo – Italy

Slick, effective, Italian by name, Monzo have to be Italy. Strong technically and scalable, Italy are one of the favourites in the tournament and have had a strong start. Will they last until the end though?







Xero – North Macedonia

Xero have to be North Macedonia because they got zero points! But Xero are far from being a company with zero going on, they offer a very innovative accounting product and I use them personally!!





Amazon – Germany

Amazon have nothing to do with Germany as a country, but the growth, the efficiency, who else but Amazon right??





Badi – Spain

One of the hottest startups to come out of Spain in recent years, made lots of noise in the past but have gone a bit quiet recently. Sound familiar?







Which startups have we missed? Who could be Portugal or Belgium? Join in on our Twitter thread >>