Who Are MessyWeekend?

TechRound recently spoke to the team at MessyWeekend, a new, young and vibrant, fashionable and exciting startup, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having seen some of the products on offer by MessyWeekend, eye and goggle-wear has never been more exciting (or fashionable.) Part of what makes MessyWeekend quite so different and exciting is that their products are actively helping clean up the world’s oceans…

Who Are MessyWeekend?

We create designer sunglasses and ski goggles and had a few great and successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, one of them being the best Kickstarter Campaign for goggles ever! MessyWeekend was founded two years ago, in early 2018. Beforehand, Marc and Morten, the two co-founders, spent months researching, and searching for the best manufacturer, picking and testing the best materials, and designing the sunglasses.


What Made You Decide to Launch The Company?

Our two co-founders love eye-wear, sunglasses, and skiing and were astonished by how much most big brands and designers charge for a pair of high-quality designer sunglasses. After many months of research and development, MessyWeekend was founded, and ever since has offered top quality designer sunglasses for a fraction of the price most other companies charge, not compromising the quality.

Ski goggles followed pretty soon after, but MW did not want to settle with the standard. All the ski goggles, as well as the sunglasses, come with innovative features to provide the best experience.

Who Founded MessyWeekend?

MW was founded by the two co-founders Morten Heick and Marc Østerskov, who both are passionate about eyewear and skiing. Morten has a background in finance, having worked at Saxo Bank and Cartella Corporate Finance and he’s the co-founder and COO of Crediwire (successful exit), and Marc has a background in marketing, having worked for Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and Fritz Hansen. MessyWeekend is part of Blazar Capital, a venture capital, with several sister companies.

What Makes the MessyWeekend Brand Tick?

MessyWeekend is about spontaneity, living life to the fullest and enjoying moments in life, moments with our friends, family, music, and sunshine. Often the best moments are the ones that are not planned. MessyWeekend is also about taking opportunities, booking that travel you’ve always wanted to go on, dancing all night, staying up too long, and watching the sunrise. MessyWeekend sunglasses and ski goggles are the best company in moments like these. MessyWeekend aims to be more than just a brand with sunglasses, we want to communicate a lifestyle.

messyweekend-new-products (1)

What’s Behind the Branding?

The whole idea behind the brand is that we believe that life is short and it is so important to enjoy the moments in time where we are the closest, where we are enjoying ourselves he most, and where we create memories that stick with us for life. That might sound cheesy, but we all have those days or nights where we hung out with friends and just had the best time. Maybe it was a crazy party, maybe it was an amazing trip, maybe it was going to a festival with your closest friends. These are the times we live for, the times we as a brand and the people behind it believe are the greatest and most important.

What Makes Your Products so Important to the Masses?

Our sunglasses and ski goggles make a difference; they are made from durable materials (Acetate and TR90), are scratch-resistant, and feel incredibly lightweight while wearing them. Acetate is a plant-based cellulose material and TR90 is a plastic created with Swiss Technology.

Any Technical Features That Make Your Products Special?

Technical features of our products include:

  • All eye wear is equipped with full UV400 protection (UVA + UVB)
  • Sunglasses, as well as ski goggles, have an additional anti-scratch coating
  • Our ski goggle models are: FLOAT and INUIT
  • Ski goggles have a triple-layered foam coating to prevent fogging
  • Photochromic lens (only with INUIT XEp) that adapts to changing light conditions (Perfect All-Rounder)
  • Adjustable straps
  • All our eyewear sits comfortably on your face unlike others

What Makes You Different to Your Competition?

We care for the environment and want to be a part of fighting current problems. We partnered up with the NGO 4THEPLANET (former: ProArtso) and established a great partnership.

Together we created the project ‘Origines’. The project secures the clean-up of 2 kg plastic from the ocean along the Colombian pacific coast for every pair of MessyWeekend eyewear sold. Together with the NGO and locals we raise awareness for the plastic problem and work on a sustainable recycling system for the collected plastic waste. We are very close to our partners in South America and went down there several times to help clean up the beaches too.