4. Greenly

Company: Greenly

Founder: Alexis Normand

Website: https://greenly.earth


About Greenly

Greenly is a carbon accounting platform that simplifies carbon management (measuring, reducing and offsetting) for companies of all sizes, in order to help fast-track the transition to a net-zero-carbon economy. Originally created in 2019 as an app (now called Welow) to help individuals understand their personal carbon emissions, Greenly pivoted its focus to B2B a year later after discovering the demand from businesses for this type of offering.

Today, only about 20% of global carbon emissions are tracked and managed. That’s because, until now, carbon management has been time-consuming and complex:

  • Static PDF reports
  • No real-time analysis
  • Lack of transparency
  • Dozens of Excel sheets
  • No milestones
  • No action plans
  • Non-integrated teams
  • No trajectory
  • No recommended alternatives

To effectively tackle climate change, Greenly believes it must disrupt a market still dominated by large consultancies performing ad-hoc assignments for enterprises. Most often, the fee charged by consultancies means that small businesses are priced out – when, in fact, small businesses actually make up the larger share of emissions. By offering simple-to-use, affordable software for any business type, Greenly has set out to make carbon accounting and management as pervasive as financial management.

Greenly’s SaaS technology automates data collection and carbon analytics through integrations with over 100 enterprise software, including accounting (such as QuickBooks), travel, cloud data (such as AWS), electricity vendors, etc. This technology is supported by in-house climate experts. A unique combination, Greenly’s offering enables customers to not only manage their carbon footprint seamlessly (based on international carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol), but also benefit from personalised and scalable carbon reduction strategies, employee training, and supplier engagement to help companies reduce their emissions sustainably by engaging their ecosystem on their climate journey.

Today, Greenly helps more than 1,000 customers around the world, across over 20 different industries (such as manufacturing, food, investment funds, technology, energy and more), to manage their carbon profile. It’s B-Corp certified, has over 160 employees across three offices (UK, U.S., France) and recently raised $23 million USD in its Series A. It has over 22 million tons of CO2 equivalent under management.


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