43. Advantage Utilities

Andrew Grover

Company: Advantage Utilities

Founder: Andrew Grover

Website: https://www.advantageutilities.com/
Commercial Energy & Utilities Consultancy | Advantage Utilities

About Advantage Utilities

Advantage Utilities is a London-based energy and sustainability consultancy that helps businesses from across the UK accelerate their progress towards net-zero. The company was founded by Andrew Grover in 2001, following a successful career in the energy sector and sales management where he was previously co-owner of Abbey Utilities.

With a dedicated and skilled team of over 40 staff, Advantage Utilities are able to offer unparalleled bespoke solutions to businesses from across a range of sectors. The committed team have successfully enabled schools, care homes and hotels to reduce utility costs, as well as businesses within manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, retail and property and housing associations. They also consistently engage with clients to advise further on the renewable energy options available to them.

Transparency has been key to the success of Advantage Utilities, alongside the honest and personable service they provide. Leveraging strong industry partnerships, they negotiate the purchase of millions of pounds of energy every year, and they have worked with prominent companies including: Christian Dior, Best Western, PlanetOrganic, Samsung, Care UK, Ted Baker, Toshiba and Volkswagen.

With more attention being given to net-zero solutions than ever before, Advantage Utilities continues to expand its team to meet and enable this significant change in priorities amongst businesses and organisations.

Underscoring Advantage Utilities’ commitment to net-zero business solutions, the company appointed Dr. James Crosby in 2022 to the newly-created role of Head of Sustainability.
With a Ph.D in Geochemistry, Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences from the University of Cambridge, Dr Crosby brings his distinguished academic achievements to his new role in which he will pioneer work to enable net-zero solutions for businesses.

Dr Crosby is becoming a prominent voice in the media, as he continues to advocate for the transition to greener, more sustainable energy sources. He recently appeared on the Net Zero Hero podcast and has been featured in dozens of publications, discussing a range of energy-related issues impacting businesses of all sizes and sectors.

With Dr. Crosby at the helm, the growing Department of Sustainability at Advantage Utilities will continue to expand to meet the current and future needs of businesses looking to switch to sustainable, green growth.

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