44. SupplyShift

Company: SupplyShift

Founders: Alex Gershenson and Jamie Barsimantov

Website: https://supplyshift.net/


About SupplyShift

Founded in 2012 by Alex Gershenson and James Barsimantov, SupplyShift is an innovative supply chain transparency and sustainability software that empowers businesses to make responsible choices in their supply chains by providing multi-tier visibility, data-driven insights, and collaborative solutions. Driven by the mission to help create more resilient supply chains, SupplyShift enables organizations to mitigate risk and improve supplier performance—protecting businesses, people, and the planet.

SupplyShift’s cloud-based platform allows for real-time data sharing and collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. This innovative and comprehensive approach ensures accurate and up-to-date information on sustainability performance and also allows companies to map and assess their entire supply chain to identify potential ESG risks and areas for improvement.

With a diverse clientele, including multinational corporations such as Bayer, Fruit of the Loom, and Lenovo, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, SupplyShift facilitates the tracking and improvement of sustainability performance across a variety of industries. To date, customers have made significant progress, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, decreased water consumption, and lower waste generation, minimizing the environmental footprint of their supply chains. There have also been improvements in labour conditions and workers’ rights, realized through increased transparency and adherence to international standards, benefiting thousands of employees worldwide.

SupplyShift stands as an indispensable resource for businesses striving to create a positive impact on the environment and society while simultaneously preserving their competitive edge in their respective industries.

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