45. Twig Group Ltd

Company: Twig Group Ltd

Founder: Geri Cupi

Website: https://twigcard.com/


About Twig Group Ltd

At Twig, our mission is to build a greener future by combining sustainability and capitalism. Since June 2021, we’ve promoted a circular economy through instant cash for used items, reducing waste and encouraging responsible consumption habits.

Our For The Earth initiative includes sustainable products, tree planting, a conscious workforce platform, and conscious shopping. As Europe’s fastest-growing fintech company, with over 2 million app downloads, our success demonstrates the potential of our approach.

Our circular economy efforts have significantly reduced waste, while our tree planting campaign has seen over 1 million trees planted, offsetting our carbon footprint and aiding reforestation. These actions combat climate change and preserve ecosystems and biodiversity.

Our conscious workforce platform connects businesses and employees with shared sustainability values, fostering greener workplaces and corporate sustainability culture. Our conscious shopping feature encourages eco-friendly purchases by offering carbon offsetting at web-store checkouts.

Recognized as a sustainable business trailblazer, Twig remains dedicated to bridging the gap between sustainability and capitalism. With the support of our environmentally conscious community, we’re confident in our ability to lead the charge towards a greener world, proving that sustainability and capitalism can coexist and thrive for a better future.


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