53. Vyra

Company: Vyra

Founder: Luke Fagan

Website: https://vyra.ie/


About Vyra

Founded in 2021 by a zoologist, a software engineer and a multimedia specialist (all from Ireland), Vyra is the environmental sustainability learning platform for businesses that “fuels the sustainability conversation in the workplace”. The company uses a unique combination of life cycle assessment impact data, gamification and microlearning to achieve impressive engagement rates for companies serious about reaching their sustainability targets.

The core problem Vyra solves is that businesses now demand that organisations they do business with not only set sustainability targets but also educate their employees on progress. Businesses cannot achieve their sustainability targets without educating their entire employee base on environmental sustainability: from sustainability managers in charge of reporting right through to recent graduates.

Vyra’s impact mission is to “educate one million people in the global workforce on environmental sustainability” so that ambitious targets can be met in the business world.

Vyra was created with the belief that businesses have the opportunity to change the world for the better by educating and engaging their large collective employee bases on environmental sustainability: they just need the right kind of information. This information needs to be accessible, transparent, actionable and engaging: in other words.The founders strive to be different from traditional learning courses (like mandatory HSQE or GDPR training) and have applied gamification and a microlearning format to their platform. While everyone in a company has a responsibility for environmental sustainability, it is not always mentioned in their official roles and responsibilities. Believing that sustainability training will soon become mandatory training like HSQE and GDPR, Vyra is engaging employees throughout an organisation that may or may not have an interest or direct responsibility for sustainability. Reaching these people and harvesting their ideas for a more sustainable company is the key to achieving success with sustainability.

In the past 12 months, Vyra has engaged employees from organisations across many industries and sizes, from influential SMEs such as the IRFU, &Open and KBI Global Investors, right through to major commercial brands such as ESW, Energia Group, Janssen and Wunderman Thompson. The Vyra team is actively raising a seed round in anticipation of hiring more people to meet demand in 2023 and beyond.

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