54. Xampla

Company: Xampla

Founder: Dr Marc Rodriguez Garcia

Website: https://xampla.com/


About Xampla

Deeptech company, Xampla, are experts in drop-in, high-performance natural materials and work with global brands to deliver breakthrough new product developments and plastic replacements. Its patented technology works by shaping plant proteins and other sustainable feedstocks into functional materials to provide protection and extend the shelf-life of valuable ingredients.

Inspired by nature, Xampla’s materials feature high strength and flexibility, making them an ideal substitute for plastic in multiple commercial applications. Produced from plant-based feedstocks, with no further chemical modification, Xampla’s material can biodegrade completely and quickly after use for a ‘perfect end of life.’ Its technology is highly scalable and offers a drop-in solution compatible with existing manufacturing processes for single-use plastics and microplastics.

Its core product is its natural polymer resin which is manufactured into a wide range of product applications, including flexible films, microcapsules, and coatings. These high-volume commercial applications can be used across food, drink, packaging and within home and personal care applications to deliver innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that act as like-for-like replacements for plastics, as well as offering novel applications that are clearly differentiated in a crowded marketplace.

Xampla works with brands, converters and manufacturers of all shapes and sizes – from the biggest multinational companies through to start-ups; and a range of manufacturers producing everything from food-grade materials to chemical resins. Some of its biggest partnerships include working with global drinks company, Britvic, on the development of its plant-based vitamin microcapsules and with leading meal kit retailer, Gousto, on the launch of its world-first edible packaging to replace their plastic wrappers.

From making its first hire in 2020, Xampla’s team has grown with industry experts hired from leading FMCG companies, and the sector’s best scientists from across the world. Based in its laboratories in Cambridge, Xampla was founded after 15 years of research at the University of Cambridge and is the first University spinout in the UK to be awarded B-Corp status.

Xampla’s material allows brands, manufacturers and converters to future-proof themselves against incoming plastic regulations and reach sustainability targets. Its material is a triple-win for the environment; cutting greenhouse gas emissions through reducing plastic production; making efficient use of agricultural and plant waste products as feedstock; and eliminating plastic pollution with products that leave nothing behind.

The possibilities of its natural technology are endless, with the company continually exploring potential opportunities to expand its diverse offering.



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