55. Toucan

Company: Toucan

Founder: Raphael Haupt

Website: https://toucan.earth/


About Toucan

Market context:
The voluntary carbon market (VCM) is valued at US$2 billion and demand for carbon credits is projected to increase by a factor of 15 by 2030. However, low transparency, inclusion and accessibility constrain the supply side of the market while the demand side needs to address transparency and trust to scale.

About Toucan:
Toucan’s digital infrastructure helps to grow the VCM in a transparent and high-integrity way by increasing the flow of revenue to the most effective climate impact projects. Toucan’s technology is designed to bring both established and nascent environmental assets onto the blockchain.

Improving and scaling the VCM:
Toucan supports the scaling of the voluntary carbon market with integrity by addressing its issues of transparency, accessibility and trust, working with off-chain VCM actors, and ensuring more capital is flowing to on-the-ground climate mitigation projects and local communities.

By tokenizing existing carbon credits from recognised VCM standards, Toucan is creating a blockchain meta-registry intended to provide an open, secure source of information for on-chain credits where the environmental attributes of the credits are protected and double issuance and double use is prevented.

On-chain carbon credits on an open, public registry provide transparency in every transaction, meaning that publicly available and reliable data is visible and traceable on all carbon credit attributes, pricing and transaction history.

Suppliers can directly transact and sell credits without unnecessary layers of intermediaries, ensuring greater revenues flow to the mitigation projects. Buyers encounter less friction and risk and can trust that their purchase is delivering real climate mitigation benefits.

Toucan’s tokenized carbon credits are programmable and designed to be used as a building block for the next generation of climate-positive products and protocols, supporting the transition towards a regenerative online world. Toucan’s tokenized credits can be integrated into digital applications and web3 projects, enhancing the accessibility of the credits.

Building trust:
Toucan’s open platform allows buyers to make informed decisions and ensures that all retirements are publicly visible. This supports rating agencies and allows organizations to showcase their retirement portfolio and prove that they have been contributing to high-impact carbon projects, bringing trust and integrity to net-zero claims.

A credible solution:
Toucan is working closely with established registries, standards, industry bodies and IGOs to develop solutions that will help scale the VCM with integrity, realizing the benefits of new digital technologies while managing risks.

Toucan’s team brings together diverse experiences in tech, Web3 development, climate mitigation, carbon markets, compliance and finance in order to develop a credible and genuine solution.

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