6. Measurabl

Company: Measurabl

Founder: Matt Ellis

Website: https://www.measurabl.com/


About Measurabl

Measurabl is the world’s most widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) solution for real estate. Customers use Measurabl to measure, manage, report, and act on ESG data on more than 15 billion square feet of commercial real estate across 92 countries. The platform enables customers to optimise their ESG performance, assess exposure to physical climate risk, drive decarbonisation, and secure sustainable finance opportunities.

In 2023, you can’t build a long-term strategy without incorporating ESG factors. This idea is fundamental to Measurabl’s platform, which collects information on a range of environmental performance metrics, including carbon output and electricity consumption, water use, and waste diversion.

After success in the US market, Measurabl launched in the UK in 2021. With the country’s regulatory requirements tightening, and real estate’s reputation for being slower to innovate, the built environment must prove its commitment to ESG. Digitising environmental monitoring data is a necessary step towards business success.

By embracing the ESG platform, corporations can calculate their carbon output, ensure compliance with sustainability requirements, and compare their performance with competitors, as well as against their own mandated and voluntary targets.

The platform designed by Measurabl is meant to touch every part of the real estate experience – from meter to market. From the granularity of individual buildings’ meter-level data to investment-grade insights across real estate portfolios, Measurabl is a scalable ESG solution that will grow with our customers’ real estate needs.

There are various product lines offered by Measurabl, including ESG insights, asset optimisation, professional services, and data. Measurabl’s foundational ESG application aggregates data from disparate sources so real estate owners and operators can view and manage it in a single platform. Through the asset optimisation tool, Measurabl provides real-time, building-level insights, project recommendations, and tools that empower real estate teams to pursue decarbonisation goals and improve ESG performance.

The database is compiled of information from over 15 billion square feet of real estate, which powers a machine learning model that estimates sustainability data for virtually every building in the world with over 90% accuracy. When a customer uses the platform, they provide just a few building attributes, which then allows them to gain insights into estimated energy consumption and carbon output, green building certifications, ordinances, and the physical climate risk.

Measurabl aggregates its asset-level data to provide company-level ESG data for 500 publicly listed real estate companies. Data points include estimated energy consumption and carbon output, the percentage of a company’s portfolio that is green-building certified, and the percentage of a company’s portfolio that is exposed to local ordinances.


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