6 Startups In Barbados To Keep An Eye On

Barbados is a country known for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and vibrant carnivals.

But it’s not just a tropical paradise; it’s also a growing hub for startups. In fact, this Caribbean island is home to a number of businesses that are making waves in different industries.

Here are six startups that we think are worth keeping an eye on…


1. MedRegis: Digital Healthcare


MedRegis logo


MedRegis is helping Barbadians boost healthcare by providing an efficient digital platform for managing medical records.

Their system allows healthcare workers to easily store, access, and share patient information. By making medical records digital, MedRegis is improving the accuracy and accessibility of healthcare data across Barbados.


2. mMoney: Payments Simplified



mMoney is a payment platform that allows businesses and individuals in Barbados to send, receive and store their money all from their phone.

Through their secure payment gateway, MMoney is making financial transactions safer and more efficient.



3. Caribbean Tutors: Personalised Education Services


Caribbean Tutors


Caribbean Tutors focuses on providing private tutors to students in Barbados who need some extra help.

They offer a range of options, including one-on-one tutoring, exam prep and personalised feedback. By connecting qualified tutors with those that need it, Caribbean Tutors helps more student achieve academic success.


4. Bitt: Digital Currency Platform


Bitt Inc – BCCI


Bitt is a digital currency and blockchain technology company in the Caribbean, helping more people access digital finances.

This fintech company allows central banks and financial institutions to create digital currencies and stable coins that can enhance accessibility without compromising on security.


5. PickUp Barbados: Community Taxi Service


pickUP Barbados


The Uber of Barbados, PickUp Barbados is helping more people navigate the island using local drivers.

The startup uses a user-friendly app to help people access instant taxi rides, without any hidden fees or unsafe drivers.


6. EasyTrak: Fleet Management Made Easy




EasyTrak is a fleet management solution in Barbados that helps businesses manage their vehicles.

Their platform offers real-time tracking, maintenance scheduling and analytics around areas like fuel consumption to ensure vehicles are safe and efficient.

By using GPS technology and data, EasyTrak helps businesses reduce costs, improve productivity and keep track of everything all in one place.