AI Personal Trainers And Meal Planners Making Your Fitness Journey Easier

We’re well into summer, and that means its time to reassess lifestyle choices as the freezing cold no longer becomes a major barrier. This includes being able to reach fitness goals and levels. Keeping fit involves maintaining a healthy and active workout routine, intentional eating, and balancing personal life with professional life.

Many tech advancements are moving towards AI, and the fitness industry is no different. With the new Samsung Galaxy Ring and Watches, the tech company has managed to use AI as a main feature. This helps those who want to track their fitness levels using automated systems and technologies that are user-friendly.

How AI Is Changing Workout Routines?

AI has become a great way for gym fanatics and athletes to save finances spent on personal trainers, that usually work out quite costly. The use of AI also eliminates the need for “gym anxiety” with users having the opportunity to workout at home with their virtual trainers.

These apps are helping make workouts a more personalised and comfortable experience, while remaining convenient from a financial and practical point of view:

Fitness AI

Fitness AI is an easy to use iOS app that creates personal and custom workouts using AI to suit the user’s needs. On this app, users can keep track by logging sets and reps, with insights provided that being a gamified way of getting to fitness goals. Although the app is AI-powered, users are able to gain advice from real trainers on the app.

Alfa AI

Alfa AI’s AI fitness Coach is here to help users reach fitness their goals. With AI, the platform can monitor aspects like body movement in real time for a more accurate analysis of your performance and form. This app is currently available for Android users and includes different subscription options to pick from.


If you’re an athlete, this platform is a good choice: Athletica is an AI coaching and training platform that creates custom workout sessions. With the option to link to fitness tracking platforms such as Strava, athletes and coaches can manage their goals in a central place. Athletica is available via subscription with a trial and with that, there are daily programmes and tracking systems.


Planfit is perfect for beginners as an easy to use personal trainer that is powered by AI as it creates custom workout plans. The app gives detailed explanations on how to perform each work out, so that beginners understand the right forms, without injuries. Every stage of working out from warm up to muscle recovery are included in the app.


Zing is an AI coach that helps everyone from beginner to expert teach their fitness goals. The workouts on this app are designed by health professionals to create custom training plans. The AI customises plans by recording info such as lifestyle, goals, fitness levels and in turn rates you as you progress.


How AI Is Helping With Healthy Diets

Maintaining a healthy diet does not always mean eating minimally. Its important to create and maintain a healthy relationship food and that could look like needing to eat more in some instances. An often overlooked aspect of being a worker, especially during longer hours, is how elevated stress leads to changes in eating patterns.

This can manifest as unhealthy eating (ordering fast food to save time), skipping meals, or even overeating due to work-related stress. When intentional eating is not practiced, it’s easier to fall into these patterns without noticing. However, with guidance, it becomes much easier to track and maintain a diet that is beneficial for the body while feeling motivated to do so.

Meal planning and meal prepping have become solutions for many, and with AI, users can receive customized meal plans that are easy to follow and perfectly suited to each individual’s needs. These apps are designed for that purpose…

Nutrition AI

Nutrition AI makes meal plans for users based on health and fitness goals. It also records food intake as a way to make sure goals are met. This is great for intentional eating as it automates the meal prep process that may be tedious, and tracks dietary needs using AI.


EatThisMuch, also a meal planner that personalises meals. This can be used for weight gain as there is a calorie tracker that helps determine how much users should be eating based on fitness goals and bodily measurements.


MealMate has a diet tracker, with weekly AI-powered meal plans given to users as a way to simplify healthy eating. Eating healthy does not need to break the bank and so the meals are customised to accommodate different budgets and lifestyles. The process is simple: AI takes user dietary information and processes it to generate meal ideas. Users can then enjoy!

This platform helps you generate meal plans, and even provides recipes for the meals. Start by inputing details such as number of meals, goals, allergies, and preferences. From there, users can enjoy custom grocery lists, ideas and plans that AI generates.