Are Electric Mopeds Financially More Efficient?

Electric vehicles aren’t just the ‘latest tech craze;’ they’re the very obvious future for our planet and the direction the entire globe is looking toward. Environmental benefits aside however, the biggest advantage of electric mopeds is their financial efficiency and that’s not merely in comparison to their petrol run siblings.

They’re hugely cost effective in general with one single charge of an electric bike’s battery costing pennies in some cases. In fact, recent stats have shown that some electric models cost up to 80% less when compared to other petrol run options. If you’re finding that difficult to believe, then take a peek below at just some of the ways that electric motorbikes and mopeds could save you money from the moment you pick them up. 

Electric Bikes Can Save You Money In More Ways Than One

  • Cheap To Charge – When it comes to charging your electric moped or electric motorbike, you’ll find yourself spending pennies to charge fully. Even if a full charge cost a little over £1, you’d still be saving a huge amount when you compare it to the cost of filling up the petrol tank on your regular bike. With amazing adaptors available too, you can say goodbye to driving off route in search of petrol stations as you now have the ability to charge your bike at home, the office and practically anywhere that has a plug socket. That works out as not only cheap but pretty convenient too
  • Low Purchase Costs – Compared to an electric car and you’ll see that an electric bike is a far more affordable option. When compared to their petrol run siblings, many don’t see a great deal of difference in purchase price either, making them just as affordable.
  • Low Maintenance – Thanks to a total lack of engine and other associated parts, the maintenance required for an electric motorbike is considerably less. While they do obviously require regular check ups to ensure the parts they do have are working appropriately, they don’t require the amount of servicing or costly MOT’s that a regular road vehicle would need. Providing you don’t run them into the ground, an electric moped should last you for many years to come
  • No Road Tax Required – Thanks to zero emissions, you can wave goodbye to being charged road tax on your electric bike. This is yet another saving that you would otherwise be falling victim to, every single year
  • Escape Congestion/ULEZ Charge – If you drive anywhere in or near London, you’ll know that the majority of vehicles find themselves having to pay not only Congestion Charges but also now, Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges. With the ULEZ charge now looking set to expand in 2021, having a vehicle that escapes these has never been more important. As above, thanks to zero emissions, any one of our electric mopeds and bikes would be without charge, saving you a lot of money in one single day