Mark Horneff, CEO at Kuato Studios

Company: Kuato Studios


Business: An educational gaming company redefining the way children learn.


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About Mark Horneff

Mark Horneff, has over 20 years of experience within the games and tech industries working with SEGA and Sony. As CEO of Kuato Studios, Mark’s philosophy of perfecting the balance between gameplay and learning has solidified the studios passion for supporting children and parents to learn within environments they are already familiar with. At Kuato Studios, Mark has created games that encourage essential learning skills for children such as literacy and vocabulary development.

Growing up with dyslexia, Mark initially found reading difficult and challenging, until the discovery of comic books ignited an enthusiasm for reading in a way that formal learning never had. This formative experience has driven his passion and ultimately the Kuato mission – to help young people learn in a way that is fun, educational and engaging. During his tenure, Mark has partnered with Marvel, Disney, DreamWorks and ITV and used patented technology to improve the learning experience.


About Kuato Studios

Founded in 2011 by the creators and investors behind Siri, Kuato Studios is an award-winning educational gaming company redefining the way children learn. Harnessing the experience of an expert team of teachers and gaming developers, the studio is empowering children and parents with educational games that draw on the immersive element of modern digital entertainment.

For Kuato, the goal is for children to have fun and enjoy the immersive experience of a traditional video game, but with the added benefit of learning. Embedded within its core game mechanics is cutting-edge analytics software that can pinpoint the unique position of each child’s learning development.

Dedicated to perfecting the balance between gameplay and learning, Kuato Studios is quickly becoming a household name; creating titles for the likes of Disney, DreamWorks, Marvel and ITV, while also creating 20 apps and games which have reached number 1 on over 500 Stores and charts worldwide.


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